CBT Dublin July 2012 Newsletter articles on Mid way check, turning negative thoughts around and a yoga opportunity.


Mid Way Check

Now we have reached the mid way point of 2012, it's a great opportunity to take stock of achievements to date and plans for the next 6 months.
Use this simple checklist to see how well you are doing:
1. What have been my biggest achievements to date in 2012?
2. What lessons have I learnt in 2012?
3. What goals have I set in motion as a work in progress?
4. What goals have I yet to start?
5. What challenges have I overcome so far in 2012?
6. What can I focus on for the next 6 months?
7. What rewards have I given myself for all I have achieved this year to date?
8. What can I improve?

Once you have answered these you can set up a plan of action for the next 6 months, whether setting little daily/weekly/monthly goals.  Take the time to reassess the plan each month to see that you are progressing.  Most importantly look at adding some fun into the goals as something to enjoy and look forward to.

Switch Technique

Playing the Switch Game

Here is a great technique to practice on everyday 'negative' thoughts that come along and interrupt our minds.  As soon as a negative thought drifts in to your awareness quickly switch it to a positive.  For example, 'I wish it wasn't raining this is ruining my plans', switch to 'as I can't go outside this is a good opportunity to cook that new recipe instead' etc. Whatever the negative there is always a positive, you just have to look at the angles, using opportunities and chances as inspiration if you get stuck. Most importantly the switch must be within seconds of the negative thought. 
Yoga Opportunity

CBT Dublin has made a great contact for all our newsletter readers, it can be hard to find a drop in yoga lesson in Dublin but I am pleased to say a great yoga teacher, Estelle Birdy is offering drop in Hatha Yoga classes at The Wisdom Centre, 25 Cork Street on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, other times and courses available.  For more information you can reach Estelle on 086 794 1624.

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