CBT Dublin Newsletter - December 2014
Festive Greetings

A Time For Reflection

What made your year great?

The year ending month of December is upon us again, and it is a great time to take stock of 2014 and all your achievements.  What worked well for you in 2014, what surprised you and what made you smile with joy? Often people look back and think negatively on their year, they can't wait for it to be over and to start anew in the new year with a list of resolutions to hand.  I like to take time in this month to assess all the good things that happened to me and because of me, no matter how small.  This year I improved my tennis serve, I finished writing a book after two years, I finally fixed the 'too bright' lighting in the living room and I got to hang out on a farm for a week and learnt how to look after chickens.  All in all I feel I achieved a great many things and I am grateful for the opportunities that came my way.

The trick is not to overlook the little things, even the things that you ticked because you had to are still to be celebrated.  Pat yourself on the back, or, pat someone else on the back that you think needs recognition for their year, either way you will give yourself a boost and set yourself up well for 2015.

Featured Techniques

The Controller

This classic technique is used to assess what you are in control of and what you are not in control of.  An important technique for the busy season.  Think of the situation you are not feeling in control of e.g. going to dinner with relatives, and instead of what you are not in control of e.g. arrival time, time food is served, what you will eat, what people talk about etc. think about what you are in control of e.g. how you will get there, what you will wear, how you will answer particular questions etc.  Letting go of the things you can't control will enable you to be more relaxed and tolerant in the situation.

Energy Booster

For those of us who are on the go all month with very little time to recharge the batteries there is a great technique to boost energy levels.  Firstly, fit in, when you can, 25 mins of fast walking outdoors in the cold air, best results are first thing before breakfast.  This will get the blood circulating and oxygenate the brain to have it feeling revitalised and ready for the day.  Fresh air is vital for energy and being in a stuffy heated room all day is a hindrance to energy.  Think about how you can get fresh air through the day too in 5 min energy boosting intervals, a fresh air break outside in the cold is a great reviver.


On dark evenings it is to easy to light up the world and with all the electricity at our disposal this is simple to do. But sometimes electricity can stop us from resting.  If you have some candles to hand then instead of lighting the room up darken it down with safely placed lit candles. Candles give a wonderful break for the eyes and can relax the mind and quieten it when there is not so much to see. If you can get them, use non paraffin candles, as paraffin contains the unhealthy chemicals alkenes and toluene, a healthier option is beeswax or soy candles.
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