October 2015 CBT Dublin Newsletter - SAD, Dancing & Menopause!
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June 2015 CBT Dublin Newsletter
October 2015 CBT Dublin Newsletter
October has many magical moments to it, gorgeous autumnal colours on the trees and crunchy leaves underfoot, an extra hour in bed when the clocks go back and countdown to the Christmas holidays.  But for some it's the worst time of the year, as the daylight lessens and the weather changes to cold and wet.  Some of my clients at this time of the year report some symptoms of SAD and I too have to work hard to manage SAD at this time. 
The main indicators of SAD are
  • Lethargy, lacking in energy, unable to carry out a normal routine
  • Sleep problems, finding it hard to stay awake during the day, but having disturbed nights
  • Loss of libido, not interested in physical contact
  • Anxiety, inability to cope
  • Social problems, irritability, not wanting to see people
  • Depression, feelings of gloom and despondency for no apparent reason
  • Craving for carbohydrates and sweet foods, leading to weight gain (
Here are the main steps you can take to keep you in a better mood through the winter months.
  • Make sure to get out in the daylight as much as possible, if you normally have lunch at your desk take a short walk outside for some of it.
  • Sit near to windows during the day, easier said than done with a fixed desk office but certainly on days off make sure your living space is bright with blinds/curtains opened and position yourself with light on you.
  • Invest in a light lamp for light therapy
  • Exercise more than normal, even better if this is outside.
  • Practise stress management, using your CBT techniques.
For more information on CBT or to book an appointment go to

Tango can boost your mood!

If you aren't following Strictly Come Dancing you might not be aware of the buzz and happiness the contestants find themselves experiencing during their dance training and shows. I have been a long standing fan of dancing to improve mood and have enjoyed various dance styles over the last twenty years that I know work wonders as a mood boost.  Now a recent study by the University of New England in NSW Australian National University of Canberra has found Tango to be a particularly beneficial dance form for mood.  They monitored people with stress, anxiety and depression and found that a brief programme of tango dance alleviated these mood disorders and that dancing the tango can greatly help with anxiety and depression

Here are some Dublin based classes for Tango
There continues to be advancements in helping women with menopausal symptoms to cope better through this stage of life.  Two recent studies found that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has been proven to help treat menopause symptoms.  Both studies, which were conducted by Professor Myra Hunter from the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London, and team, determined that CBT works as a safe substitute for the treatment: (HRT). CBT helps with the following psychological symptoms that may occur during menopause:
  • Irritability
  • Problems concentrating
  • Depression
  • Problems sleeping
  • Mood swings
CBT improves coping skills and challenges the negative beliefs associated with this life change. Standard CBT techniques are used to identify and challenge negative automatic thoughts associated with the menopause and substitutes these with more accurate reality tested thoughts.

CBT shows that by changing negative thought patterns and replacing these with balanced alternatives there is an elevation of mood, increased motivation, and the ability to manage change more effectively. In some clients the menopause activates early life issues that have not been previously resolved such as:

1. poor self worth
2. distorted body image
3. fear of death
4. fear of rejection
5. fear of failure.

At CBT Dublin we help to guide you through the process with advanced empathy, support, and a range of CBT techniques to improve your own resources, which can greatly help at this time of life. For more information on CBT or to book an appointment go to

We have been getting a surge of people booking sessions with CBT Dublin on Skype, even as far afield as Thailand!  Online therapy is a useful way to continue therapy if you are travelling, or away on business, or in a remote area without access to our face to face therapy clinic in Dublin. In response to all the enquiries on this service there is a new page on the website detailing FAQ'a for how to use Skype for CBT sessions. Go to for more information.
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