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Festive Seasonal Greetings

We are finally at the end of the most bizarre year!  Who would have predicted this, this time last year?

I truly hope you and your loved ones have all been keeping safe and well. 

I sadly lost a dear Uncle to Covid-19 in April, which was a shocking reminder of how vulnerable we all are. And I only hope it's not too long until a sense of nomality returns to our lives and we can freely see friends and loved ones again.

How to Cope With Alternate Plans for the Holidays

I know a lot of my clients are struggling with changes to long cherished traditions over the holiday period. With this in mind, I want to help you shift your perspectives and embrace change.

Our minds love routines. It loves knowing what to expect and plan for.  None more so than this season’s festive traditions. So, if you are not having these traditions and rituals fulfilled this year and are struggling with this, here is a new way to think about the upcoming festive period.

Time for a 'Plan B'

A 'Plan B' is not a small adaption of 'Plan A', the plan, which normally takes place, it’s a 'Plan B', and can be completely different and the next best thing, sometimes even better!

This might be your only chance in years to do things differently. It may seem daunting and emotional even but you can make it fun.

How to Create a 'Plan B'

Start with identifying what is possible and achievable, within your own personal circumstances. Don’t aim for things that are wishful thinking but only identify things that are 100% doable.

When you have identified what these are and written them down.  Think about how you can make them even more fun.  This could be getting a different dish that you never get to eat on special occasions, as you are constrained by the number of people you normally feed.  Or perhaps you are normally the guest at the event and subject to what the host provides. Can you think of what you can choose now you are in control of your food choices for the festive season? Make it fun!

Be Creative and Fearless

Are there festive traditions and rituals that you normally go along with for the sake of a peaceful time? If you are not in the usual environment can these be changed or even, dare to be bold and ditch them? How exciting! Think of the possibilities.

Maybe, you will have more time on your hands this year, just think what can you do with that extra time?

There are so many ways to create a 'Plan B', but make it fun and special because you may not get many chances to have a 'Plan B' if next year when things return to their pre-Covid norms.

Taking A Look at the 360 of Mental Well Being

I am starting to showcase beneficial Complementary Therapists doing great work on my CBT Dublin site.

If you are a past or present client you will know that I consider the 360 degrees of life as being instrumental to improving mental well being. Complementary Therapies such as Acupunture and Acupressure, Reiki, Sound therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Tai Chi and others are all valuable in their own different ways.

If you know anyone doing great work in these areas that I can profile on my website please let me know.

Introducing Reiki

The first therapy I am showcasing is Reiki.  Not just any Reiki but 'Jikiden Reiki'.  I interviewed a Jikiden  Reiki Therapist, Charlie Wu, who is well known to me, as I went to college with him, about his therapy.

Here is what Charlie had to say about this very interesting therapy:
Clare: Tell me about Reiki and the difference between the Reiki you practice and Western Reiki
Charlie: Reiki essentially is channeling universal energy in order to help the receivers body heal. Natural and non-invasive, when Reiki therapy is received from a trained practitioner it can assist in the healing of both body and mind.

It’s important to note that all forms of Reiki work, regardless of its’ origin. The form of Reiki I practice is called Jikiden Reiki, which is authentic Japanese Usui Reiki as practiced and taught in the late 1920s and 30s in Japan, with no western influence or adaption to the original teachings of the time...      


Feed Your Brain this Month and it will Reward You

If you think feeding your brain is all about being brainier, thinking more clearly and being focused you may be missing a trick.  The brain works in mysterious ways that we are continually learning about.  If I had my time in academia again I may have chosen to become a Neuroscientist! I love all things ‘brain’ related. 

Did you know that your brain consumes the most calories per day of any organ in the body? And your brain feeds off food you consume to make you feel happier. It’s not all calculus and fractions!

In the next couple of weeks our healthy diets normally go out the window, but if you take care to add some certain foods to the shopping list and menu you will be doing yourself a great favour.  I am talking about Tryptophan rich foods.

Tryptophan is an amino acid found naturally in different foods.  These Tryptophan rich foods enable Serotonin to be produced in the gut and brain, which makes you feel good.  The gut is connected to the brain via the Vagus Nerve.

The good news for meat eaters is that Turkey and Pork contains the most Tryptophan of any food group!! That Irish style Christmas dinner with Turkey and baked ham (though Roast Ham is even better, see table below) is just what we need to feel in the festive mood!  And for non-meat eaters Tofu and nuts are a good alternative food containing Tryptophan too.

Here is a handy table of Tryptophan rich foods:

For more information see this interesting article by Maria Cross MSc. Registered nutritionist

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy festive season and great 2021!

Best wishes

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