June 2015 CBT Dublin Newsletter - Holidays, Gardening and Bouncing!
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June 2015 CBT Dublin Newsletter
June 2015 CBT Dublin Newsletter
How are you taking your annual leave this year?  have you ever got that 'burnt out' feeling building up before an annual holiday and then go on an almighty big party holiday which results in another holiday to recuperate from the holiday?  Well this year if that is your usual style of holiday how about being good to yourself and having a 'down time' holiday, no partying, drinking or dancing to the small hours, for at least one of your annual holidays.  A holiday full of good food, warm weather, rest and recuperation. That may not sound like a blast to those used to action packed holidays but if you know you have a busy work schedule to come back to you will return full of energy and strength, rather than tired and exhausted.  Top get away from it all holidays can be found online.  An even bolder move is to forego the mobile phone and leave it at home (gasp!), and leave emergency contact details with loved ones, or work, such as the hotel reception number and go retro, a bit like going back to the 1980's but a guaranteed way to escape!
Rebounding for Revitalising
Most of my current clients will have heard my tales of rebounding.  Having been recently introduced to this fantastic exercise I have to pass the good news on, not only have I lost a couple of inches in a few weeks my energy levels have shot up.  The other good news is that you can buy one of these 'trampettes' in Ireland for under €40 from Argos and rebound on it while watching the TV!  I have used a couple of workouts on You Tube for inspiration too.
Gardening for mental health is a big topic these days, I can hardly turn on the gardening tv shows without this being featured.  As the summer is approaching, getting out and about in the garden, balcony, outside space or even the local green park is a must do for the mind. This therapeutic pastime is not a new occurrence because even in ancient Egypt royal physicians prescribed “a spell in the palace gardens for those troubled of mind” and in 1856 Dorset County Asylum wrote that “male patients shall be employed in gardening and husbandry… to promote cheerfulness and happiness.”  Now we can't all avail of a palace garden but there is lots going on in public gardens everywhere.  Bloom Festival is on this week with tickets still available to visit all the show gardens and hoticulture exhibits and the Botanic Gardens in Dublin have an array of events on over the summer 
Gardening yourself is proven to lower stress levels, even more so than reading. An experiment in the Journal of Health Psychology compared gardening to reading as a stress-relieving activity and found test subjects that gardened experienced a more significant decrease in stress when compared to the subjects that were assigned to read.
We have been getting a surge of people booking sessions with CBT Dublin on Skype, even as far afield as Thailand!  Online therapy is a useful way to continue therapy if you are travelling, or away on business, or in a remote area without access to our face to face therapy clinic in Dublin. In response to all the enquiries on this service there is a new page on the website detailing FAQ'a for how to use Skype for CBT sessions. Go to for more information.
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