Welcome to the May 2012 CBT Dublin Newsletter. Featuring articles on Body Language, Positive Actions, Relaxation and more.

Welcome to CBT Dublin May 2012 Newsletter

Featuring articles on fixing for summer, body language, improving memory, relaxation tip & a local business discount at Restore Health Food Store

Fixing For Summer

My grandmother had a peculiar saying 'Never pass a clout until May is out',  my grandmother was from Galway and I would love to know what this saying means, as she said it was never to wear summer clothes until May was over.  But with my adult mind I question what a 'clout' is, as it's often thought of as a hit but that then makes little sense, if anyone knows please let me know.  Anyway on with the article.  May is a great month to look forward to things, the days are longer and there is more energy in and around us.  It's a great time to put that energy to use and make some changes for summer.  Positive actions like planting herbs or flowers and gardening is great for the mind and the reward is great; whether on a window sill or in a garden. Cleaning or changing the wardrobe contents from Winter to Summer clothes, mending things,  decorating or DIY.  Whatever needs doing make the most of the long days and energy and achieve at the same time. Achievements and accomplishments will make you feel good and give you extra energy. What can you do this month?


Relaxation Tip For March

Improving Memory & Cognitive Function
Here is a great article and a blog by Dr. Daniel G. Amen on improving cognitive function and particularly memory, I read a great article about his work in 'The Times' on 21 April 2012 but if you are not a Times subscriber you can read pretty much the same information from these two sources.

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Body Confidence

Confident Body Language
If half of all our communication is conducted via our body movements then ensuring you are communicating the right image of yourself is vital.  In my first career as a recruiter I trained in interview techniques, as a recruiter, reading body language was essential, as it revealed the person's level of confidence in what they were saying and also gave some tell tale signs of lying or creativity.  But if you are not trained in body language you would notice a 'feeling' about what the other person is saying through their body's expression, often sub-consciously.  Therefore, knowing a few helpful confidence body moves can put you in a strong position in any social setting whether informal or formal. 

1.  Beware of the 'arms crossed' look, even though you may just be comfortable that way, remember the effect you are having on the person observing you or talking to you - they don't know you are comfortable.  What is picked up on is a 'feeling' you are being guarded, or, are in fact uncomfortable.  Arms loose and open is the way forward here to create a  more open and approachable impression.

2. Don't give the game away with your eye direction, looking down while talking is a submissive message i.e. you believe the other person to be superior to you.  Look up and make regular eye contact to ensure you are regarded as an equal, or, at least confident.

3. Quit the twitch, twitching, picking, pulling, scratching, rubbing of any part of your body signals nervousness and again is read that way so practise the opposite for a more confident look.

4. Mirroring - an effective sales technique!  If you subtly mirror the other persons body movements you will signal that you are similar to them and will be able to build rapport easier than if you are doing completely different movements.  This is only to be used subtly and not within mili seconds of the other person moving, so the occasional match of arm position, or head angle or stance is good. Likewise mirroring their tone and pitch of speaking will make them feel comfortable talking to you.

5. Make a good impression when meeting someone for the first time, or anyone you shake hands with, shake their hand firmly and look them in the eye with a warm smile.  This is a simple one and everyone knows it but at least a 1/4 of hands I shake are loose, limp, sweaty or too strong - and it makes the wrong impression.

Relaxing Fun Exercise??

Laughter Yoga

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