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Wishing all our readers a Happy Christmas and New Year.  I don't know about you but it seems like only last week I was writing last year's Christmas newsletter.  The year has flown by.  In this newsletter we have an interesting article on cleaning out the old and bringing in the new.  An introduction to our special once a year 2 session targeted Christmas Stress Therapy and a call out for anyone looking to avail of some very interesting modernising technology I am introducing in January that will revolutionise my CBT practice and enhance client experience.

Out with the old and in with the new

Sometimes events in life can seem to infiltrate not only our minds and bodies but our belongings.  This is great when these are positive events resulting in lots of happy memories. Not so good if they are negative events with lots of upsetting memories. Humans love becoming attached to possessions for sentimental reasons which is understandable.  Looking at a picture of a special occasion will instantly relive memories of that time. Other people are unwilling to let go of any possession.  I truly believe the end of the year is a time to put things in order before a new year thereby allowing us to move on and start anew in January.  What possession/s are you holding on to that keeps triggering unhappy memories, ask yourself what you are getting from it?  I understand it can be harder with possessions like property, it's not so easy to move these days.  It could be a picture, some music, trinket, clothing etc things that you can give away to charity or sell.  Letting go of old unhappy memories being triggered each time you view the item will really help your mind and give you a good start to 2016.

CBT Christmas Stress Course

The countdown to Christmas has begun with a couple of weeks to go!  So now is the time to book yourself (or a loved one) on to our famous annual CBT Christmas Stress Course.  If you, or a loved one are starting to get anxious, or nervous about Christmas, whether it's the parties, spending time with difficult people, general insecurity in social situations or running yourself ragged through the festive season, amongst all the other things that can get on top of you at this time of year, this is the course for you.

We have organised the course into two sessions, easy to fit in between now and Christmas week and we will provide some of CBT's best coping mechanisms targeted to minimise stress and anxiety in this Christmas Stress course to help you feel your best over the festive season.  There is limited availability as this course is very popular so book now and let us help you get ready for Christmas. Check out our video:

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Technology and CBT

I have been helping my clients with CBT via SKYPE for the last number of years, with clients from around the world availing of this service.  I like to keep up to date with technological changes in therapy and have been researching the best tools to help deliver CBT both in person and online in an even more helpful way.

I haven't really enjoyed the amount of paperwork distributed in CBT in sessions, paperwork in the form of worksheets seems a bit 1990's to me and I like trees!  A new solution I have come across is a tool to enable my clients to have their own private secure CBT page online with all the sheets used in CBT (both in office sessions and online sessions) that they are working with all in one accessible place. I will be implementing this in January on a pilot trial before rolling out to all.  (I can appreciate not everyone would like to use such a tool so I will still continue with the normal physical worksheets too)  However, to get the pilot off to a good start I would like to trial it on 5 people in January so if you are a current client or one looking to start in January this will be a good opportunity to avail of the latest advancements in delivering CBT.  I am interested to know if you like the idea of using the online support page between sessions, using this poll below please let me know by clicking on your answer:
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Let me know if you are interested in joining the pilot in January by emailing me.
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