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THE CWHC UPDATE is a twice-monthly bulletin that includes info on CWHC events and take-action items.

In This Update
  • - CWHC Visits "RACE: Are We So Different?" Exhibit
    -Talking about Puberty with CWHC
    - Farewell, Michelle, Outreach Intern
    - World AIDS Day: Free HIV Testing at CWHC!
    - CWHC Commemorates Trans* Day Of Remembrance

CWHC Visits "RACE: Are We So Different?" Exhibit

Joining fellow Communities in Schools Chicago (CISC) partner organizations, CWHC Health Educators visited the current special exhibition "RACE: Are We So Different?", an exhibit created by the American Anthropological Association and co-presented by the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center and the YWCA Evanston/North Shore. 

Aimed at analyzing race through historical timelines, through individuals' lived experiences, and from a biological perspective, the project provided an opportunity for CWHC Health Educators and CISC partners to think critically about facilitating conversations about race and racism. In addition to viewing the exhibit, CISC partners participated in a Racial Equity Training through YWCA, prompting educators to apply the exhibit's information to lesson planning, faciliation skills, and classroom management.   

The exhibit is currently displayed at the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center and will close January 25th. For more information on the exhibit, click here

Talking about Puberty with CWHC

Parents and children talking about puberty?! AWKWARD!?

It doesn't have to be! Through CWHC’s Parents and Children sessions, you can have seemingly uncomfortable, embarrassing conversations amongst laughter and learning!

In discussing basic anatomy, physical developments related to puberty, and the social and emotional changes that accompany this time of transition, CWHC helps adults and youth share their questions, ideas, and thoughts with each other.

Together, we'll talk about the questions we might not want to ask aloud, the personal concerns we want each other to know, and our hopes for growing older!

Sessions run at $20 per youth, with a 10-person minimum per class. For more information, contact Scout Bratt via email or at 773-935-6126 x230.

Farewell, Michelle, Outreach Intern

Michelle von Meding, a senior at Northeastern Illinois University, hopes to work in health care with youth. 

Q: What have you most enjoyed about majoring in Community Health and Wellness?
A: The most interesting thing I’ve learned is that the first step to take, in order to help a specific population, is to find out their needs first.
Q. Who is your feminist hero? Why?
A. Elizabeth Holmes. Her dedication and hard work paid off when she became America’s youngest female billionaire, after creating her own company and inventing a device to make blood tests quick. She inspires me to work hard every day to accomplish my goals.

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Address: 1025 W. Sunnyside
Chicago, IL 60640 (map)

Hours: Open daily,
9A - 4P, by appointment

Phone: 773.935.6126

World AIDS Day: Free HIV Testing at CWHC!

In honor of World AIDS Day 2014, CWHC and Project VIDA are collaborating to provide free rapid HIV tests on Monday, December 8th, from 2-7pm.

Testing will be provided at CWHC in both English and Spanish.  All gender identities are welcome! No appointments necessary, and all testing will be confidential!

Additionally, throughout the day, Project VIDA Health Educators will be providing information sessions on safer sex and sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Health Educators from both Project VIDA and CWHC will be available to discuss and answer questions.

For more information, contact Judy Popovich at 773-935-6126 x210.

CWHC Commemorates Trans* Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance, observed this year on Thursday, November 20th, serves to remember and honor trans* and gender non-conforming individuals whose lives have been lost to anti-trans* hatred and violence.

Along with countless organizations across the world, the nation, and the city, CWHC took time to commemorate the lives lost to gender-based violence, as well as to celebrate leaders who have worked to empower, seek justice for, and create resources for gender non-conforming, trans*-identified, and genderqueer individuals. 

To learn more about Transgender Day of Remembrance, click here. To learn about CWHC's Trans* Health Services, click here.

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