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Urban Turtle 5.1 is out!


Last August, Microsoft has launched TFS 2015 with Visual Studio 2015. And it was a major release for them! As a team we decided that Urban Turtle was ready for a new version too. So we launched Urban Turtle 5.0 in August to support TFS 2015 and Urban Turtle 4.25 to update people who are still running TFS 2012 or 2013.

But now, after one month, we decided to release Urban Turtle 5.1 that supports Team Foundation Server 2012 (Update 2 to 4), 2013 (Update 2 to 5), and 2015. Pretty cool, isn't it? That new version includes all features of 4.25 that were not available in 5.0 and many more stuff! 

Urban Turtle 5.1 includes new features and improvements
  • [Dashboard] Users can now set an automatic refresh with a specific delay.
  • [Dashboard] All widgets are now resizable.
  • [Product Management] You can now filter your top level Work Item (usually named Initiative or Epic) by Iteration, Area, and Status. 
We now support the Project Rename feature in TFS. Some user action are required to make it work properly. Click here to learn everything you need to know about Project Rename. 

Don't wait anymore, download the brand new version of Urban Turtle and enjoy all new stuff. 
Urban Turtle 5.1 - Download it now!
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