The details are ready. Join us for the trip of a lifetime!

'Return To The Heart'

 Glastonbury England Spiritual Retreat ~ July 1-11th 2013
It is True That Every Journey begins with a Single Step....

Celebrate the Earth's Birth in 2013 with a Beautiful Transformational Sacred Pilgrimage to the Heart Chakra of the Earth.
This beautiful land is steeped in ancient magic and mystery, encoded with timeless, sacred frequencies.
Celebrate these new energies, and your transformation in one of the most important Sacred Sites on this earth at this time.

 A Few of the Trip Highlights:
*Visit The Glastonbury Abbey, Hike up the Tor, Visit the Healing Chalice Well Gardens, Wearyall Hill, The Holy Thorn, Gog and Magog(1000 year old Oak trees)
*We will be experiencing Crop Circles first hand. Get inside one of these amazing sacred geometrical structures and experience for yourself what they are all about.

*Tintagel, Merlin's Cave, St . Nectans Glen,
*Private access into Stonehenge ~ We will have the stone circle to ourselves to connect and meditate with the stones.
St Michael's Mount(where the Michael/Mary/Apollo/Athena ley lines meet), Lands End,
*Tour of Wells, Bath and Oxford

And Much Much More!


Our trips are best suited for the Spiritual Seeker. This is a Pilgrimage to a Sacred Place on this Earth, and also to Open Your Heart and Your Mind and Set Your Spirit Free.

Please E-mail Us  For Trip Details.

This is an Incredibly Beautiful place. To see it for yourself  go to our Facebook 2012 album HERE
or for 2010 photos  HERE

Glastonbury is considered the Heart Chakra of the Earth.  The Energies there are Incredible. They open and heal the heart, and also expand the consciousness. If you are ready to receive, this is the place to be.

Experience the Healing Energy of Glastonbury, with the Abbey, Sacred Healing waters in the Chalice Gardens, Soak up the Energy of the Tor.

Reconnect to your Past ~ Be in the Present ~  Prepare for your Future.

On this trip we will have many wonderful experiences and adventures. Last time, we laughed, we cried, we expanded, evolved, celebrated, and we healed.

Many lasting friendships were created among the trip participants. 

We hope you will join us for this Trip of A Lifetime!

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