Join Exhale as we celebrate April 2011 as the 2nd Annual Abortion Wellbeing Month!

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Join Exhale in Celebrating
April 2011 as

Abortion Wellbeing Month!

This April, Exhale is celebrating our 2nd Annual Abortion Wellbeing Month to bring attention to each individual’s unique experience with abortion, and to recognize that emotional wellbeing is possible for every person who experiences one.
Yes, as women who have had abortions we hear a lot about what we should feel about our abortions and we know what it’s like when our voices and needs get sidestepped. And yet, we find ways to give our abortions personal meaning and to feel whole.

Together, we can raise awareness that emotions of all kinds after abortion are common; and that feeling heard, supported and respected - without judgment - is important to the wellbeing of every woman who has an abortion.
Throughout the month of April 2011, let’s celebrate our wellbeing and work together to:
  • Acknowledge each person’s unique experience with abortion;
  • Draw attention to ways to support and respect women who have had abortions;
  • Promote loving connection, with friends and family, as well as between women who have had abortions.
Please read on for how you can help spread the word and get involved with Exhale's campaign to recognize Abortion Wellbeing!

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  • Add your voice to guest posts on Exhale's blog about abortion and wellbeing.

Join us in Person!

Join us on Wednesday, April 27th for the San Francisco Bay Area premiere of filmmaker Lindsay Ellis’ “The A Word,” an irreverent and deeply personal Pro-Voice chronicle of how her abortion had an impact on her life, and those she loves.

What is Abortion Wellbeing Month?

In 2010, Exhale celebrated the first Abortion Wellbeing Month. Read our blog to learn more about:
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