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Fast vs. Quick

Budnitz Bicycles Model No.1 Titanium in New York City

We receive many phone calls at Budnitz Bicycles from customers wanting to know if our bicycles are fast. 

John's answer is always the same:
“Yes, very fast — if that's what you're looking for. But more importantly, our bicycles are quick.”

The distinction between fast and quick is an important one. If you’re a long distance bicycle racer, you want a fast bike. Racing is about pedaling as much as possible without stopping until you get to the finish line. There’s nothing between you and the finish except a very long expanse of cleared road. No stoplights, no traffic. Not a lot of stopping and looking at the scenery as it goes by. Not a lot of of concern for comfort, either.


We’ve nothing against racing — it’s just not our thing. And no matter what the kid with the tattoos at the bike shop tells you, those very skinny tires and stiff aluminum and carbon frames are actually slow on real-life city streets. Riding a race bike to the grocery store is like driving a Formula One car for a bottle of milk. Uncomfortable, awkward, and impractical.

City riding involves uneven pavement, twists, and turns in the road. There are bike paths, sidewalks, stoplights, and unexpected detours. The cyclist, unlike the driver, is a participant his environment.  If he sees something that interests him — a new store, a beautiful view, an old friend — he can stop for that, too. These are the things that make cycling so much fun!  


A good city bicycle has upright geometry to maximize control and comfort, and to keep weight off the rider's wrists. It also has relatively wide tires. Fact is, hard skinny tires recoil backwards when they hit even a small bump. This slows the rider down. Bigger tires are much faster at city-riding speeds, as they can deform and conserve forward momentum. 

Fact is, our belt-drive bicycles accelerate quicker than most anything on the road — including most cars. From a dead stop on a singlespeed Budnitz Model No.1, I'm much quicker in blue jeans and a button-down shirt than the majority of the guys on skinny-tire race bikes and fancy nylon clothes waiting at the stoplight next to me.

Our bikes are much more comfortable, too. They handle better on the street, and are more fun to ride.

Which makes it so much more likely that I'm going make an excuse to go out for a ride — even if it's just
 around the corner for a loaf of bread. Or a longer, spur-of-the-moment ride to I don’t know where, returning I don't know when, with my watch, cell phone, and most of my cares left behind.

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