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February 2012

Welcome to February's Research and Youth Policy Digest, a funding special. As the beginning of the new financial year creeps ever closer, we want to give you a helping hand by pointing you in the right direction of some exciting new funding opportunities. Scroll down to find out more!

The month we also bring you the usual dose of news from the youth sector, including information about young people influencing government policy, setting up an online platform to get their voices heard on issues that matter to them, and some insights into the current thoughts on preventing youth offending.

If you have a particular interest in restorative justice then this Digest will be of particular use, as we offer you the chance to download a new handbook on the use of RJ in prisons, as well as asking for your first hand accounts of riots to assist with an exciting new research and policy project. 

As always, please feel free to give us your feedback on this Digest. Our aim is to make it as relavent to you, our readers, as possible, so input is always welcome!

Wishing you all the best for the coming month,


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Recent Policy Responses
 - Consultation on police powers to promote and mainatin public order: A Home Office consultation

Upcoming Consultations

 - Consultation on the revised strategy guidance and regulations for exclusions from schools and pupil referral units in England: Department for Education. Deadline 17th February 2012
Big Lottery Fund: Building Capabilities for Impact and Legacy: Big Lottery Fund. Deadline 15th March 2012
London Councils Grants consultation 2013/15: London Councils. Deadline 23rd March 2012
Evidence to All-Party Parliamentary Group on girls in the penal system

An All-Party Parliamentary Group inquiry entitled The Use of Formal Sanctions for Girls in the Penal System heard evidence from IARS recently. Speaking about the Young Women in the Criminal Justice System project, it was argued that obtaining information about the mental health needs of women is a vital step in preventing reoffending. Lynne Abrams from the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime expressed hope that the project's findings will inform better police practice. Find out more about the inquiry here.

Restorative justice & riots: Call for case studies

IARS, in partnership with the Centre for Restorative Justice, are conducting an international research and policy project looking at the potential of restorative justice with riot cases. The project aims to explore alternative ways that can help address the harm that group street violence causes to victims and communities. We are looking for case studies that can help us understand the potential benefits, limitations, dangers, enablers and barriers when using RJ with riot cases. More information.

Hilton in the Community Foundation: Grants available for helping young people gain skills through educational projects. Deadline: 7th February 2012 Apply

Freemason's Grand Charity: Grants are aimed at charitable work with young and vulnerable people. Deadline: 24th February 2012 Apply

Starbucks Youth Action: Offers young people the chance to receive grants to run a youth-led community project. Deadline: 5th March 2012 Apply

Children in Need: Large and small grants available to organisations working with disadvantaged young people. Deadline: 15th April 2012 Apply

Comic Relief: Grants awarded for projects benefitting young people across the UK, promoting actions that will enable them to live with their rights protected and where they can contribute to their communitites. Deadline: 8th June 2012 Apply

Volunteer of the Month: Ashley Major

Ashley has been awarded the title of Volunteer of the Month for all her hardwork as an IARS intern. Congratulations Ashley!

Ashley said: "Through my work at IARS, I have been to both Scotland Yard and the House of Lords to attend meetings about youth justice. The knowledge I have obtained has opened my eyes to the important issues in the UK's criminal justice system. I am looking forward to learning even more as a researcher on IARS’ Young Women in the Criminal Justice System and the Serious Youth Violence on Public Transport projects."

Young people speak out on changes to police powers

Young Londoners, along with IARS and StopWatch, have submitted a response to the Home Office's consultation on police powers to promote and maintain public order. Download a copy of the consultation response here.

Young people have also responded to the Government's Positive for Youth, a new approach to cross-government policy which aims to highlight the importance of the views of young people. Read more about what they think here .
Preventing youth offending: Current thinking

Two recent conferences held by the Centre for Social Justice and the Youth Justice Board, Restorative Justice Council, and Victim Support were conducted as part of the effort to address youth crime, in the wake of the August riots.

Arising from these events were the pertinent issues of the age of criminal responsibility, and the idea of young people contributing a proportion of their wages of their victims. Read more about these interesting insights here.
Trust for London: Grants available for tackling poverty and inequality, especially with regards to improving employment opportunities for disadvantaged people, promoting social inclusion and strengthening the skills of the VCS. Deadline: 7th February 2012 Apply

The RSA Youth Award for Innovation: Applications are invited from groups of young people in London to develop projects which foster citizenship and self-awareness. Awards are aimed at young people aged 13-19 and are up to £2,000. Deadline: 13th February 2012 Apply

EU: The EU's 'Action Grants' programme is aimed at protecting the fundamental rights of European citizens. It will promote the development of respect for fundamental rights, fighting against racism and xenophobia and will advance intercultural understanding within the EU. Deadline: 13th March 2012 Apply

Get to know the IARS team

Holly Challenger is IARS' Volunteer Coordinator. We put this month's burning questions to her...

What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day?
"My birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day so it’s always a busy time of year for my boyfriend (our anniversary also falls in that week!).  I’m not sure what he has planned, perhaps because it’s a leap year, I should arrange our Valentine’s date for a change!"
Favourite thing to do in London on a rainy day?
"I love going to Brixton Village – it’s an indoor market so you can escape the weather. There are loads of amazing cafes and you can eat food from all over the world. The main reason I love to go there is the excellent supply of CAKE."

99% Campaign blog launch

This week marks a major milestone for the 99% Campaign, a youth-led campaign working to challenge negative thinking about young people, with the launch of its new blog. The 99% Campaign Blog is an open platform for young people to talk about their views on policy while at the same time promoting a more positive image of young people. We we are keen to expand our young journalism and editorial team, for which we are actively recruiting, so if you know anyone who might be interested, email h.challenger@iars.org.uk.

Read more about this great new project here.

Free download: Using restorative justice in prisons

The MEREPS Handbook on the Applicability of Mediation and Restorative Justice in Prisons was produced by IARS' partners, Foresee Research Group and the Hungarian Institute of Criminology. Dr. Fellegi (Director Foresee) and Dr. Barabas (OKRI Head) said: "We believe that this practical guide represents an important milestone in the adaptation and introduction of restorative practices, which have already been recognised and used throughout Europe in prison settings". 

Download the handbook here.
Social Action Fund: The Social Action Fund is a new grant fund of over £20m to inspire organisations to create new social action opportunities, especially with regards to encouraging people to come together in their locality to support each other. Deadline: 3rd February 2012 Apply

CAFOD Development Education Fund: Grants available for furthering CAFOD's strategic priorities of justice, peace, education, community development and young people. Awards of up to £10,000 available. Deadline: 16th May 2012 Apply

People's Postcode Trust: The trust provides grants for work on poverty prevention, community development, human rights and environmental protection. Deadline: 24th February 2012 Apply
February is the official month of love, thanks to Valentine's Day falling on the 14th, but did you know that Verona, the Italian city where's Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet lived, receives around 1000 letters every year sent to Juliet on Valentines Day?

Or that the oldest surviving love poem is written in a clay tablet from the time of the Sumerians, inventors of writing, around 3500 B.C.?

Or that the Taj Mahal might be the biggest and most extravagant gift of love ever given? Mughal Emporer Shahjahan built it as a memorial to his wife, and it stands as the emblem of the eternal love story.

Happy Valentines Day from everyone at IARS!
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