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Another angiogram plus wonderful opportunities!
Dear <<First Name>>,

On February 16th, Beckie’s heart rate jumped to 192 for 4.5 minutes.  She knew something happened so made an appointment with her cardiologist.  She got the details from her pacemaker. Bottomline is that there are several things that can cause tachycardia so they had scheduled her for an electro-physiology study and angiogram on Thursday, March 22 but they called today to reschedule the procedure for next week. One of the possible treatments, if they decide it is needed, is a cardiac ablation.  We will keep you posted and I will write more later.

We have started helping at church on Wednesday evenings teaching children’s English classes. I have 16 students mostly in 3rd grade.  To get them to try saying things in English, mistakes and all, I let them teach me Chinese.  This week they tried to teach me how to say “fire truck”. My mispronunciation gave them quite a laugh.

I’ve started working with a 3rd grader during my prep time on Mondays and Fridays to help him with reading comprehension and to give him another adult to help him. He’s great fun to work with and it is helping his confidence and hopefully will help him make progress in reading. After Easter break I will start helping him with math as well.

Grades were due for 3rd Quarter this week and Friday we will have parent conferences.  Pray that I can communicate  truth and hope in love to the parents I get to visit with. 

Morrison High School Taichung campus is doing something new next week.  They are calling it a week without walls.  The Freshmen will be on a biology field trip in Southern Taiwan. The Sophomores will be involved in an outdoor learning experience in the east coast of Taiwan. The Juniors will be divided into several mission trip teams that are headed to several places including Thailand, the Philippines, a small island group near Taiwan, and the southeast coast of Taiwan. Most of the seniors and staff will be serving as leadership for all of these groups.

I will be staying in Taichung and helping with yearbook, subbing some middle school classes, preparing presentations for the Senior Topics Bible class later in April.  I will have a class period with all the seniors to finish the presentation I started on social media and relationships. I will also have 2 hours with all of the senior guys.

Dwight (and Beckie)


  • Beckie to get a room at China Medical University Hospital on Sunday so her procedure can be done on Monday.
  • the cause of Beckie's tachycardia to be found and easily corrected.
  • All the students on trips next week. That the trips would be life changing for the students and the people they serve.
  • Dwight as he plans and teaches a new Bible class for 10th graders called Spiritual Formations. The students in the class are coming from a lot of differing backgrounds and 2 are new to Morrison.
  • Beckie as she continues to serve a number of young moms. Pray that she would have wisdom in how to encourage them to gain His strength to get through life's struggles.
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