Beckie is home recovering!

Dear <<First Name>>,

I was admitted to the hospital Sunday evening, the 25th.  Monday at around 3 PM, I was taken down to the cardiac lab, where they did an electrophysiology study of the heart (via angiogram), which is a test to measure the electrical activity of the heart, and to diagnose arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythms.  They were able to replicate my tachycardia (found to be supra ventricular tachycardia), and then did a catheter ablation.  This is a procedure that uses radio frequency energy (similar to microwave heat) to destroy a small area of heart tissue that is causing rapid and irregular heartbeats.  They told me I should have an almost 100% cure.  The big plus is that because the tachycardia was not ventricular, I did not need to have my pacemaker upgraded to an ICD.  The procedure was painful almost the entire 3 hours, but worth it if this means I won’t have any more tachycardia.  The doctor came in Tuesday and checked my pacemaker (because I did have one episode of fainting), then said I could go home as there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the pacemaker or my heart.

I will take it easy for a couple of weeks while my heart recovers.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Beckie (and Dwight)
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