...serving at Morrison Academy -- Taichung, Taiwan
The pictures are from the Computer Tomography Report. You can click the picture to enlarge it.

On Thursday, Dwight reports to Jen Ai Hospital in Dali at about 7:30pm to get prepped so they can do the angiogram first thing Friday morning.

After the procedure, he will have to lay with his leg straight for about 8 hours.

Assuming all goes well, he will be discharged on Saturday.

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Heart Healthy (#2)

November 5, 2016

Dear <<First Name>>,

I got the results from last week's CT scan of my heart, so here is the update.

The report is about 40 pages with lots of pretty pictures and technical terms that aren’t in my daily vocabulary.

A layman’s summary is that I have some calcification and that 4 arteries have some non-calcified plaque.

The accuracy of the test results is within 15% of the reported values.  The bigger artery was about 10% blocked; 3 others had a blockage between 60 and 70%. There was a small artery (RCA-distal portion) toward the end that was blocked about 95%.

The doctor said that they don’t do angioplasty on anything with less than 75% blockage. With the accuracy limits it is possible that something is over that; hence the decision was made to go ahead with an angiogram next Friday and to deal with any blockages over 75% that they find. The small artery with the 95% blockage may be small enough that they won’t worry about it. They will decide about this when they are looking from the inside.

We have been extremely impressed with the cardiologist. He has come in person for all the tests, and on Friday he came to meet with us and answer all our questions.

I will check into the hospital Thursday (11/10) evening after school, the angiogram and probable angioplasty will be done on Friday morning, and if all goes well, I’ll check out and come home on Saturday.

We will watch the school play tomorrow evening, and we will go to the Rose House for Beckie's birthday on Sunday.
The bottom line is I delayed having the angiogram for 2 weeks.  Instead of having it last Friday, I will have it next Friday.  
Next Sunday, after I’m hopefully home from the hospital, we are taking Chinese friends to a magic production about the meaning of Christmas put on by a pastor from Singapore and his daughter.

In Him,  Dwight

Prayer Requests & Updates:

  • Wisdom and skill for surgeons doing Dwight's angiogram procedure on Friday.
  • effective lesson plans for substitute teacher this Friday.
  • Beckie's mom fell and now has a dandy shiner. Pray she heals quickly
  • Malia, as she has a lot to do to get a visa before coming to Taiwan in December for her Study Abroad Program second semester. 
  • Daniel, as he pushes through on his Masters thesis.
  • Stacie, as she continues to serving with Quiet Waters via a virtual office.
  • David, as he serves with the Air Force in Afghanistan. He just earned Major.
  • Andrea, as her allergies and asthma have been flaring up.

Thanks for your continued prayers, support and encouragement!

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