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4 concerts, 3 days starting Saturday

We're packing in the shows this weekend with four New York City performances in three days. The city never sleeps—and neither do we!

On Saturday, June 15 at 7:30 we join itsnotyouitsme to celebrate (le) Poisson Rouge's 5th anniversary with a program of music by our very own Caleb Burhans. LPR came into existence just as boundaries between the City's distinct musical communities were becoming fluid. It was an idea whose time had come: a performance space where all kinds of music and audiences mix—and do so in a space that mixes up concert-hall conventions. Sitting around tables listening, discussing, drinking, and eating remind us how social music really is. Hip hip hooray for many more years of LPR!

On Sunday, June 16 at 1:00 we kick off the Bang on a Can Marathon. It's one of new music's signature events because it revels in musical diversity for hours and hours of intense performance. We cover quite a diversity of styles ourselves in one set: the music of Derek Bermel, Charlie Piper, Jeffrey Brooks, and Caleb Burhans.

Then we head up and over to the Guggenheim Museum for a 7:30 performance on its signature Works and Process series to preview Steve Reich's newest piece Radio Rewrite. Reich wrote it for us and based it on two tunes by Radiohead. When two forces of musical nature come together in one piece, it's not to be missed—but in case you're busy this weekend (with, say, the Bang on a Can Marathon or Saturday's LPR show), catch the performance again on Monday.

We just turned 12!

We started out 12 years ago with a concert in NYC. Since then, we've been around the country and across the seas playing the best of contemporary music, commissioning established and emerging composers writing in all kinds of styles, and helping to transform the musical world. So close to our birthday, it's a thrill to be back in the City and to soak up its intensity while making some intense music ourselves. 

Fans like you show up to our performances because we all believe that today's world needs today's music. 
Keep that belief in action. Make a donation today. Help us celebrate 12 years and cast a vote for many more.

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