CRA Bargaining - National Day of Action - April 29th

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Wednesday April 29, 2015 - Be visible in calling on the government and CRA to negotiate a fair settlement and tweet your support for the bargaining team.

Day of Action activities
  • Wear UTE gear, the “I act” t’shirts or anything black and red and white
  • Plaster your workplace with messages of support to the bargaining team
  • Gather together in a public location, take a picture of the group and submit to national
Twitter Campaign
  • If you don’t already have an account, sign up for Twitter at
  • Create a username/handle
  • Follow @AndrewTreusch, Commissioner of CRA
  • When Andrew Treusch tweets, reply by adding a period and a space before his handle with the hashtags: #CRAbarg and #faircontract
  • Add the UTE Twitter handle at the end of the message: @utesei
  • An example: @AndrewTreusch I support my bargaining team, #CRAbarg, #faircontract @utesei
  • This action will begin on April 29th and continue after this date
Let’s get as many members as possible tweeting to the Commissioner at least once a day. It’s been well over two years - we want a contract!

PSAC/UTE members at Canada Revenue Agency - United for a Fair Contract