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Customize Your Ringtone

It happens in every office: you're catching up with colleagues in the kitchen, a phone rings in an office down the hall, and everyone rushes back to their desks to see if it's their extension.  Wouldn't it be convenient if you could distinguish your phone's ring from everyone else's?  With ShoreTel's custom ringtone feature, you can!

To Customize Your Phone's Ringtone:
  1. In Communicator, go to ToolsOptions > Telephony
  2. Select the desired ringtone from the Ringtone drop down
  3. Click Apply
Note that not all phones support the full list of ringtones. If you select and apply a ringtone that your phone does not support, the change has no effect.
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Cordless IP Phone 930D

Ideal for receptionists, retail store staff, facilities, and warehouse managers needing in-building mobility, the cordless IP 930D delivers three lines, four function keys, three soft keys, and a 2.5 mm headset jack.  One base supports up to four handsets, and a single site or location can support up to 40 handsets.  Contact Select Telecom to learn more about cordless phone options.
ShoreTel's IP655 Phone
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