Customize Communicator Windows!

With so many features in ShoreTel's Communicator software, have you ever wished you could grab one frequently-used piece of your window and move it somewhere that you can access quickly and easily?  With this month's tip, you can!  Use the simple steps below to break up and recombine Communicator into as many separate windows and tabs as you like, then move them freely around your desktop into the layout that works best for you.

To Manipulate Call Manager Satellite Windows:
1.    Change Call Manager settings to enable drag-and-drop Window arrangement:
        a.    On the Main Menu, select Tools > Options
        b.    Select General from the left side menu
        c.    Check the “Enable drag-and-drop Window arrangement” box
2.    To separate panels into Satellite Windows:
        a.    Click and hold anywhere on the Title Bar of the panel to be moved (or in the case of a panel within a tabbed window, on the Tab)
        b.    Drag the panel outside of the boundary of the window (note that you may need to un-maximize your window first)
        c.    Drop the panel wherever you would like it to sit
3.    To recombine Satellite Windows:
        a.    Click and hold anywhere on the Title Bar of the Satellite Window to be moved
        b.    Drag the Satellite Window onto the Window you would like to combine it with (this can be the Main Window or another Satellite Window)
        c.    When the Drop Targets appear at the top, bottom, left, and right of the Window, move your mouse over the target where you would like your panel to go and Drop the panel by releasing the mouse button

Having trouble?  Don't hesitate to contact us! (914) 761-1313 or

Keep Your Cell Number Private with Dual Persona

With the increasing frequency of mobile business, many workers find themselves giving out their personal cell phone number to clients and business contacts despite concerns about privacy.  With ShoreTel's Dual Persona, you can maintain two phone numbers - one personal, one business - on a single device, and route your business calls to your mobile phone without ever giving out your personal number.  Check out this video demonstration, or contact Select Telecom for more information about Dual Persona. 

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