Save Desktop Space with Miniature View

With the myriad demands pulling at you from every direction, it's no wonder how quickly your computer desktop can become a cluttered mess.  If you're flipping between more applications than you can handle, use this month's tip to convert ShoreTel Communicator to "Miniature View," enabling full functionality while seeing only the essentials in one compact view.

To Put Communicator into Miniature Mode:
1.    Open the View menu from the menu bar, application button, or by right-clicking on the ShoreTel icon in your system tray
2.    Select Miniature
3.    To move the Mini View, click and hold the dark blue area on the left or right side of the window and drag it to the desired location
4.    To revert to normal view, right click on the ShoreTel icon on the left side to open the View menu, then choose Normal

Having trouble?  Don't hesitate to contact us! (914) 761-1313 or

Updated Conference Bridge

ShoreTel recently released an update to the call conferencing bridge.  Use ShoreTel's simple web- or Outlook-based interfaces to quickly set up conference calls and generate all the login information needed for participants to join the call. Contact Select Telecom for more information about conference calling solutions. 

View more information about ShoreTel products on Select Telecom's ShoreTel page.