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Customize Mailbox Settings By User Group

Voice mail usage patterns can vary by business or even by department.  Maybe your main mailbox only receives short recordings, but the service department needs to be able to record lengthy detailed messages from customers.  Or maybe the legal department is required to save messages for several months, but other departments can delete them weekly.  No matter what your situation, ShoreTel has got you covered with highly customizable mailbox settings that can be applied to different user groups per your company's unique requirements.

To Customize Mailbox Settings (Admins Only):
 1. In ShoreTel Director, click Administration > Users > Class of Service
 2. Under Voice Mail Permissions, select a User Group
      a. Alternatively, you can also click Add New and follow the prompts to create a new group
 3. Edit settings as desired, including:
      - Incoming Message Length
      - Incoming Max. Messages
      - Lifespan of Voice Mail Password
      - Allow Message Notification to External Number
      - Auto Delete Saved/Unheard Messages After (7-2000) Days
      - Auto Delete Heard Messages After (7-2000) Days
      - and many more!
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