Don't Miss Any of Bob's Tips!

As we ring in the New Year, all of us at Select Telecom would like to ensure that our customers have all the information they need to make 2012 as productive as possible.  Maybe you became a ShoreTel user within the last year, or maybe you don't always get to every email that comes to your inbox (who does these days?).  Either way, Select Telecom has got you covered! 

The ShoreTel Tips Archive on the Select Telecom website has a list of every tip we've shared, so you can catch up about anything you missed!

View the ShoreTel Tips Archive to find:
1.       Don’t Forget to Set Your Holiday Greeting! 
2.       Trouble Seeing Your Phone's Display? Adjust the Brightness! 
3.       Play Voice Messages Through the Phone
 4.       Troubleshooting Call Manager 
5.       Setting Up Alternate Greetings 
6.       Master ShoreTel with Free Online Training
7.       "Alert When Available" to Keep Up With Busy Colleagues 
8.       Correct Dialing Typos with the Back Button 
9.       Request Features with ShoreTel Suggestions 
10.     Ring Your Desk & Mobile Phones Simultaneously 
11.     Maximize Security with Strong Passwords 
12.     Update the Name on a Phone
13.     Move Your Extension to a New Phone  

Having trouble?  Don't hesitate to contact us! (914) 761-1313 or

Integrate with, Microsoft Dynamics, & ACT!

If you remember back to September, we highlighted ShoreTel's suite of applications which are designed to integrate with software you might already be using, such as ACT!, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and If you're considering new software in 2012, check out the list of available integrated and specialized applications at Shoretel's Applications Page. Contact Select Telecom for more information about integrated applications. 

View more information about ShoreTel products on Select Telecom's ShoreTel page.