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Silent Coach

Every new employee needs time to ramp up, but there are always things a good manager can do to help speed along their learning.  One of these things is Silent Coaching for phone calls.  ShoreTel's Silent Coach feature allows you to join a call with your new employee, hearing everything both they and the customer say, and allowing you to offer real-time guidance to your employee as the conversation progresses, without the customer ever knowing you're on the call!

To Utilize Silent Coach:
 1. Enable Silent Coach (Admins Only)
     a. In ShoreTel Director, click Administrator > Users > Class of Service
     b. In the Telephony Features Permissions section, click a profile to configure or Add New
     c. When the Edit Telephony Features Permission page appears, scroll down to Silent Monitor / Silent Coach Other’s Calls
     d. Check the Allow Initiation check box
     e. In the Accept section, select None, All, or From Only (if From Only, enter an extension)
     f. Click Save.
  2. Initiate a Silent Coach Call (any user with permissions)
     a. In Communicator, select Dial > Silent Coach
     b. In the Silent Coach dialog box, enter (or select from the drop-down) the extension you wish to coach
     c. Click the Silent Coach button to join the call
     d. You can now monitor the call.  The ShoreTel user will be able to hear what you say, but the person they are speaking to will not.
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iOS8 Compatibility Confirmed!

If you're an Apple device user and a mobile worker, ShoreTel has good news for you: ShoreTel Mobility 8 is confirmed to support the latest iteration of the Apple operating system, iOS8.  So whether you're on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, ShoreTel Mobility has you covered!  Contact Select Telecom to learn more about ShoreTel Mobility.
ShoreTel's IP655 Phone
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