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Personalized Call Handling Rules

Did you know that ShoreTel Communicator allows you to set personalized call handling rules based on caller identity, when a call was placed, or your active call handling mode?  This powerful tool can save you time and hassle, and make you more accessible to your clients!  Sick of telemarketing calls?  Automatically forward to voicemail.  Know you're out of the office on Friday afternoons?  Use Auto Find Me.  Need to know if the boss is calling?  Set a specific ringtone.  You can do all this and more with ShoreTel's Personalized Call Handling features! (Note: this feature is available only with Professional Access license or higher.)

To Personalize Call Handling Rules:
 1. In ShoreTel Communicator, click Options > Options and Preferences > Personalized Call Handling
 2. Click New Rule
 3. Select conditions for your rule:
      - Phone Number Match (specific number or extension, every internal/external number, Private or Out of Area/Unknown, etc.)
      - I am on the phone
      - Call Handling Mode
      - Time of Day
      - Day of Week
      - DNIS Match
 4. Select actions for the chosen conditions:
      - Forward to Specific Number
      - Forward to Voice Mail
      - Forward to Auto Find Me
      - Forward to Announced Find Me
      - Play Ringtone
 5. Enter a name for the rule and click Finish
 6. If needed, enable/disable rules or change their order
 7. Click OK
Having trouble?  Don't hesitate to contact us! (914) 761-1313 or

Cordless IP Phone 930D

Ideal for receptionists, retail store staff, facilities, and warehouse managers needing in-building mobility, the cordless IP 930D delivers three lines, four function keys, three soft keys, and a 2.5 mm headset jack.  One base supports up to four handsets, and a single site or location can support up to 40 handsets.  Contact Select Telecom to learn more about cordless phone options.
ShoreTel's IP655 Phone
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