Update the Name on a Phone

Administrators, are the names on every phone in your office up-to-date?  Use this month's tip to welcome new employees with a personalized phone with their name on it, and update any mispellings on the phones of existing employees!

To change the name on a phone as a System Administrator:
1.       Note the name currently on the phone you'd like to update
2.       In ShoreWare Director, select Users, then Individual Users
3.       In the list of names, select the Name you'd like to update (as noted in Step 1)
4.       Modify the First Name and Last Name fields as needed
5.       Click the Save button

Having trouble?  Don't hesitate to contact us! (914) 761-1313 or support@select-tele.com.

Cost-Effective, Secure In-House Conferencing & IM

An in-house conferencing solution is a great cost-effective way to provide secure audio and video conferencing and instant messaging for your company.  If you're currently paying for an external service, a Conference Bridge will pay for itself in only a few months.  And with an internal service, you don't have to worry about confidential information being discussed on free services like Facebook or Google Chat.  Contact Select Telecom for more information about ShoreTel Conference Bridge solutions.

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