Make Announcements to a Paging Group

Did you know that your administrators can use your ShoreTel phones like a PA system to make group announcements?  Whether you need to reach a certain group of individuals or everyone in the company, your administrator can use ShoreTel's group paging features to make sure your announcement is heard.

To Page a Group with an Announcement as an Administrator:
1.    Designate a paging group
        a.    In ShoreTel Director, on the Adminstration menu select Users > Extension Lists
        b.    Click New and enter a Name for the Extension List
        c.    Add the members that you wish to hear the announcement into the group and click Save
        d.    From the Administration menu, choose Call Control > Paging Groups > New
        e.    Assign a Name and Extension number to the group
         f.    Under the Extension List drop-down menu, choose the group you created above
        g.    Click Save
2.     Make the announcement
        a.    Dial extension number you assigned above
        b.    Wait for the beep, then make your announcement

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CRM Solutions with ShoreTel

Communication is key to managing relationships.  ShoreTel offers a variety of solutions to integrate with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, including, ACT!, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.  Leverage your ShoreTel unified communications to simplify interactions with your customers and ensure the highest quality service.  Contact Select Telecom for more information about integrated CRM solutions. 

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