System Event Email Notices

Your ShoreTel system has a built-in notification system to log important system events, such as emergency 911 calls being placed, security flags like repeated incorrect voice mail password entries, or maintenance warnings when your system is running too hot.  Did you know that as an administrator, you can subscribe to these events and request to have an email sent to your inbox whenever important system events occur?  Follow the steps below to sign up for email notifications for the events you care to know about as they happen!

To Subscribe to System Event Email Notifications as an Admin:
1.    In ShoreTel Director, choose Maintenance > Event Filter
2.    Click Add New to create an event filter
3.    In the Server section, select the server that you want to monitor
4.    In the Source section, select switch.
5.    In the Event ID field, enter the appropriate event code (sample list below)
6.    In the Type section, select All.
7.    In the Target email address field, enter your email address
8.    Click Save

Here are some important system event codes you may want to consider:
1113    Repeated Voice Mail Login Access Failures (Security)
1319    911 Call Made
402      Voice Mail Service Down
164      Ethernet Link Lost
1312    T1 Down
1342    PRI D Channel Down
1899    CSIS Down
170      Operating Temperature Above Normal
171      Operating Temperature Too Hot
1005    Hard Drive Full

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Sync Employee Changes with Active Directory

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