Don’t Forget to Set Your Holiday Greeting!

If your business will be closed over the upcoming holidays, you may want to set a special Holiday Greeting instead of the usual Monday-Friday Automated Attendant.  Here are steps your ShoreTel System Administrator can follow to setup a Holiday Greeting:

To create the Holiday Schedule in your system:
1.       Login to Shoreware Director
2.       On the left side of the page, click on Schedules
3.       Select Add New and enter the name of the schedule (“Holiday”)
4.       Select Add New and enter the date of each holiday (MM/DD or MM/DD/YYYY format)
5.       The default hours are the same as your on-hours schedule, so if you are closing early make sure to change the hours for that holiday
6.       Be sure to Save all of your entries

To turn on the Holiday Schedule:
1.       Select Automated Attendants on the left side of page
2.       Highlight your main Auto Attendant and click to open
3.       Select Holiday from the list on the top of the page (“On Hours, Off Hours, Holiday, Custom”)
4.       Apply your Holiday Schedule to the Auto Attendant.  This will override the default On Hours Schedule

To record the Holiday Greeting:
1.       Select Preferences on left side of page
2.       Enter the main phone number (starting with 9 + the number) or the specific extension where you want this message to play
3.       Select to Automated Attendants on the left side of the page
4.       Highlight your main your Auto Attendant and click to open
5.       Type your Holiday Greeting in the box and click Record
6.       Follow the directions to complete your recording
7.       Remember to Save all of your entries.

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