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Crosstalk with Select Telecom
Fall 2011
From the President's Desk

Well it’s autumn in the Northeast, and what a beautiful time of year it is! Fall is my favorite season since it’s a great time to be outdoors to do some hiking, catch up on yard work, or just enjoy the great weather while it lasts! Fall is also time to get ready for winter and the snowstorms that are sure to blow through, so we always recommend backing your system so that you have a fresh copy of your telephone system data and are ready for any outages that may occur. You can learn more about the benefits of backing up your data in our Spotlight article this issue.

As a business owner, I am also preparing next year’s budget and getting ready for tax season. Keep in mind that Section 179 is still in effect this year but may not be extended for 2012, so this is a great time to consider upgrading your phone system if you’d like to write-off some profits for the year. If you’re thinking about taking advantage of Section 179, remember to contact us within the next few weeks so that we can ensure enough time to conduct a smooth installation before the year is out.

Looking forward to 2012, I’m swearing off all of this negative talk about the recession. We’re really seeing business pick up and hope that you are too. Give me a call and let’s talk about how things are going – I’d love to hear from you. With the holiday season right around the corner, I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and joy-filled conclusion to 2011.

Mike Durante
President –
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Special Announcement:
Welcome Back to Tina!

Tina Tedeschi All of us at Select Telecom would like to welcome back Tina Tedeschi to the front office! After a brief hiatus, Tina rejoined Select Telecom on Monday, October 24th much to the delight of her follow employees and company management. Tina returns as the Administrative Assistant to the President/CEO with expanded duties including oversight of service, human resources, event planning, marketing, and growth of the company.

Tina and Select Telecom management surprised fellow company employees on Monday morning with her return. From technicians to office staff, everyone was thrilled to hear that Tina was going to be a part of the Select Telecom family once again. Installation Managers Anthony Durante and Bobby Waters both expressed their excitement at Tina’s return. Said Anthony, “Tina has a way of smiling through the phone. I missed that; it’s good to have her back,” while Bobby complimented Tina’s skills, “Tina is a bright, young, well-respected coworker who knows her job well and stays on top of service. She runs a tight ship and has a good relationship with the customers. Welcome back, Tina!” Customer Service Representative Danielle Morrissey added, “Tina always has a positive attitude and it makes solving any problem a more pleasant experience.”

In her own words, Tina was touched by her warm reception. “What can I say? Select Telecom feels like home. Walking back through the doors again was heartwarming for me. Everyone was very welcoming and I am so happy to work here again – how many people do you know of that are HAPPY to go to work? Not many! I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to be back here again to work with such a talented team and wonderful customers!”

Marie Tedeschi, Office Administrator
Marie Tedeschi, Office Administrator

Every issue, “Get to Know Select” will feature a different employee sharing their experience at Select Telecom, along with updates about what’s going on at the company. Have a favorite employee you’d like to hear from? Email us to let us know!

As the Office Administrator at Select Telecom, Marie Tedeschi is the office “do all.” Whatever needs to be done, Marie makes sure it gets taken care of. Marie’s day-to-day responsibilities run the gamut – managing maintenance contract records, ordering office supplies and custom Select Telecom shirts, maintaining parking cards and E-ZPass for the technician vans, and whatever other fires need to be put out on any given day.

Marie has been with Select Telecom since January of 1998 and looks forward to coming to work each day. “I love coming in and seeing all the people here. The employees at Select Telecom are wonderful and I always feel like we’re a family.” Continue reading...

Spotlight: Are You Protected? Why Every Business Needs a System Backup

Your communications system is the heart of your business: without it functioning properly, you are undoubtedly in extreme danger. If your phone system fails, you’ve lost an essential tool for conducting business. Customers can’t reach you for service, you can’t make new sales, and your employees can’t collaborate. In essence, your entire business grinds to a halt. Every minute your telecom system is out of service can equal dollars down the drain. It’s imperative to get your business back on track as soon as possible, and having a backup of your phone system data is one of the simplest and most effective things you can do to expedite a system failure repair.

Being located in the Northeast, it’s very likely that your business will be affected by a catastrophic system failure at least once the course of over its lifetime. In 2011, the Northeast saw some of the most severe weather in decades: lightning, blizzards, wind storms, tornadoes, even a hurricane that prompted the first ever mandatory evacuation in Manhattan’s history. Any of these severe weather events can knock out your communications system and cost your business in lost productivity. In fact, Select Telecom traditionally sees about 1 in 20 customers affected by severe weather each year. Luckily, most insurance policies will cover damages to communications equipment caused by weather or other “Acts of God,” but unfortunately insurance does not compensate you for time lost while reconstructing your system data from scratch. This is where a system backup can help.

A backup is a copy of all the data on your telephone system’s CPU, stored in a safe location away from the rest of your system. The backup file includes all of your system’s programming such as the names and numbers at each extension, your greetings and auto-attendant menus, your call routing rules and speed dials, etc. In addition, newer IP systems like ShoreTel and Avaya also have the ability to store copies of existing voicemail messages. When your system’s CPU fails – due to a lightning strike, for example – in order to get back up and running, you’ll find yourself paying not only to replace the CPU hardware, but also for all of the labor and time to gather all the information for the system and reprogram it. In addition, any valuable voice messages you have may saved will be irretrievably lost. Continue reading...

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