Spring 2014

From the President's Desk

Mike Durante, PresidentSpring is finally here!  I’m not sure how you feel, but I for one have had enough of winter and am really looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather.  I love this time of year, having just completed March Madness, Opening Day for the Yankees, now getting into NHL and NBA playoffs, and before you know it we’ll be spending long days by the pool!

So the first quarter has come and gone, and I hope that you had much success with your business.  We are moving full speed ahead here at Select Telecom as technology is never standing still.  I hope you are keeping up with your competition and taking advantage of all the new IP features that have come out.  For those of you that have purchased a ShoreTel IP system from us, we are having a Refresher Lunch on May 14th at our office.  I hope to see many of you there so you can learn about all of the new features that the latest release of ShoreTel 14 has to offer, and also a little bit about ShoreTel Sky.

ShoreTel Sky is ShoreTel’s hosted IP/PBX solution, which was acquired from M5 two years ago.  ShoreTel is in the process of integrating ShoreTel Sky with the premise based system so you can take advantage of both offerings.  We will talk about this at our Refresher and also at all of our upcoming free Lunch & Learns, so go to our website and sign up for one if you are not part of the IP world yet.  

And as always, I would love to chat with you about business and how we can help each other reach our goals, so give me a call (914-761-1313) or drop me an email (miked@select-tele.com) to check in.  Keep in touch.

Best Always,
Mike Durante
President – miked@select-tele.com



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Quick Tip:

Go Green with Select Telecom!

Select Telecom is proud to announce PureLand e-Cycle, an exciting new IT assets recycling/recovery partnership with Clancy Relocation & Logistics.  The PureLand system allows us to take electronic equipment which has reached the end of its useful life – including old phone systems, computers, security equipment, etc. – and instead of dumping it in a landfill to further contaminate the environment, the used equipment is salvaged for parts, reused, or recycled.  In fact, less than 1% of equipment collected by the PureLand system ended up in a landfill last year.

PureLand e-Cycle services are now available at no charge to Select Telecom customers.  For more information about how to safely and responsibly dispose of your electronics waste, contact Select Telecom at 914-761-1313 or sales@select-tele.com

Get to Know Select:

Anna-Lisa Tedeschi, Service Coordinator

Every issue, “Get to Know Select” will feature a different employee sharing their experience at Select Telecom, along with updates about what’s going on at the company.  Have a favorite employee you’d like to hear from?  Email us to let us know!

Anna-Lisa Tedeschi, Service CoordinatorService Coordinator Anna-Lisa Tedeschi just celebrated her third anniversary with Select Telecom in March, a milestone which she appreciates for the novelty and challenge every day in her position brings.  “I enjoy helping customers,” Anna-Lisa explains, “and every day is different because I talk to different people and encounter different situations.  It’s always something new.”

In fact, chances are good that you may be one of the hundreds of customers that Anna-Lisa has spoken to over the phone.  As Service Coordinator, Anna-Lisa is tasked with dispatching calls, scheduling site visits for the technicians, assisting customers with accounts receivable questions, maintaining customer files, and even helping customers to troubleshoot issues over the phone.  “There’s always a lot of scheduling to be done around here!” Anna-Lisa laughs. Continue reading...

Quote of the Day:

“Select Telecom is probably the only vendor I have that does what they say they will, when they say they will and how they say they will. I wish more companies had your standards and commitment to keeping your customers happy!”

– Marie Tarone, Office Manager, Northwest Atlantic Real Estate

Spotlight: Everything You Need to Know About Hosted VoIP & ShoreTel Sky

If you haven’t updated your phone system in the past 7-10 years (or maybe even if you have!), you might be surprised to learn how many options are available these days for communications systems.  Digital PBX systems are quickly being replaced by modern VoIP solutions in a variety of configurations, including premise-based or hosted VoIP systems, and also hybrid systems which offer the ability to integrate some VoIP features with your existing traditional digital PBX.  But all these options beg the question: which configuration is right for you?

Premise-Based vs. Hosted VoIP

With both premise-based and hosted VoIP phone systems, all of the analog and digital phone handsets in your office would be replaced with state-of-the-art VoIP phone units.  These phones are connected back to the main system server with category 5 or 6 data cable through a PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) switch in your office data room.  In both cases, you gain the ability to leverage a rich VoIP feature set that supercharges the end-user experience, enabling built-in “mobility” functionality that will forward calls from your desk to your mobile device, online “presence” and seamless integration with Outlook and CRM, easy scalability and automatic remote upgrading, and simple DIY programming for cost-effective moves, adds, and changes.

Where these systems differ, however, is in where the main system server is located.  In a premise-based system such as the standard ShoreTel solution, the voice appliance – a very robust server with no moving parts except a fan – is housed on-site in your phone/data room.  Typically, your company owns (or leases-to-own) the hardware, which requires an upfront capital investment but offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) over time.

In a hosted system (for example, ShoreTel Sky), there is no voice switch or appliance on-site.  Instead of connecting to a T1/PRI or phone or cable line, calls are converted to a data stream which then connects out over the internet to the hosted provider’s equipment (located off-site in a central location which provides communication services to multiple customers at once).  This solution is effectively outsourcing your phone system to the Cloud, replacing that upfront capital investment with a low monthly cost which can be categorized as an operating expense instead of a capital expense.  Continue reading to find out what system is right for you...

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