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Record A Call

Have you ever wished you could go back and hear exactly what was said on a call?  With ShoreTel's call recording feature, you can!  Whether you need to record your own call to take notes at a later time, are a manager and wish to supervise a new employee, or are just plain nosy, as long as your system administrator has enabled the feature, you can record away!

To Record Your Call or Someone Else's:
  1.  First, the Admin must enable the feature(s):
       a.  In ShoreTel Director, click Administration > Users > Class of Service (COS)
       b.  Under Telephony Features Permissions, click on one of the
            preconfigured COS profiles (Fully Featured, Minimally Featured,
            or Partially Featured) or the Add New link to create a custom profile
       c.  Check the Allow Recording of Own Calls and/or Record Other’s Calls boxes
       d.  Go to Administration > Users > User Groups and ensure that the correct
            COS - Telephony setting is applied to the desired User Group(s)
  2.  To record your own call, right-click on the call in the Active Call area, and select Record
  3.  To record someone else's call, right-click on the chosen contact in the Contact window, and select Record
  4.  To stop recording, right-click on the call in the Active Call area, and select Stop Recording
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Upgrade to ShoreTel 14.2

The latest release of ShoreTel (14.2) includes all of the newest features you know and love from ShoreTel 13 plus some great new enhancements.  With ShoreTel 14.2, enjoy iPhone/iPad-based conferencing, file-based music on hold, Call Detail Record Reports, Softphone for Mac, Microsoft Office 2013 integration, virtual switches, conferencing feature enhancements, custom ringtones, and more.  Contact Select Telecom to learn more about ShoreTel 14.2.
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