Did Stephen grow a mustache?  Can a free audit help you save $$$?
Do you need a service contract? Find out in this issue of Crosstalk!

Winter 2012

From the President's Desk 

I want to wish everyone a happy New Year and welcome you to 2012. At this time of the year I am doing my annual planning and I’m sure many of you are doing the same.  When you come to the budget line item for your monthly services, don’t forget about Select Telecom! 

We can perform a free audit of your current phone and data service bills and potentially save you hundreds of dollars on recurring monthly charges.  If you need to increase your bandwidth or upgrade your voice lines, we can help you do so at a reduced cost, and we can also work with you to create a disaster plan for your internet/data services.  We can all use a little extra cash to reinvest in our business (maybe on a system upgrade?), so don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn more about our free audit services in this quarter’s Spotlight article below.

We had a great 2011 and we are hoping that 2012 is the same kind of year, for us and for all of our customers.  I’d love to talk to you about how we can help you increase your revenue in 2012, so when you have time, give me a call and let’s see if we can help each other.  I look forward to hearing from you and the best to all in the New Year.

Best Always,
Mike Durante
President – miked@select-tele.com

Featured Customer Testimonial

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Quick Tip: Is a Service Contract Right for You?

If you often find yourself calling for service or remote assistance, you may want to consider a Maintenance Plan.  An annual contract offers you substantial savings over the rates available to Time and Materials (T&M) customers, including full coverage of parts and labor on your phone/voicemail system, free helpdesk privileges, and a 30% discount on labor for all MAC work (moves, adds, and changes).  You’ll also be entitled to a free annual audit of your recurring monthly telecom charges to help you save on all of your voice & data services!  Contact Select Telecom today to see if a Service Contract is right for you!

Get to Know Select:
Paul Burns, Installation Technician

Every issue, “Get to Know Select” will feature a different employee sharing their experience at Select Telecom, along with updates about what’s going on at the company.  Have a favorite employee you’d like to hear from?  Email us to let us know!

The man in this photo may look familiar to readers of the Summer 2011 edition of Crosstalk.  No, our Service Manager Stephen didn’t grow a mustache… this is his twin brother, Paul!

Paul Burns has been an Installation Technician at Select Telecom for 15 years.  Paul works closely with Installation Managers Bob and Anthony to install new phone systems at customer sites and make sure that each individual phone is laid out and tagged correctly.  Paul looks forward to long jobs where he gets to spend a lot of time with the rest of the installation team.  As he recalls, “When we did the Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, we were there all day together for three weeks and we just had a great time.  It’s really a good bunch of guys.”  Continue reading... 

Spotlight: Want Your Next Phone System for Free? Here's How

A recent Select Telecom customer was interested in purchasing a new state-of-the-art ShoreTel IP phone system but was concerned about the cost. Even with lease terms enabling her to distribute the cost over time, it was going to be a stretch to afford the new system, so she was considering a band-aid fix to tide over her old system instead. Select Telecom stepped in with a better solution, one that enabled the customer to buy her new system without any increase to her existing monthly expenses.

How did we do it? With a free services audit that found hundreds of dollars of savings in recurring monthly charges - savings that the customer was able to apply towards the lease payments on her new system! In this particular case, Select Telecom found that the customer could save almost $500 per month by switching to different service providers with lower rates. The customer made the switch and used that extra $500/month to cover the full cost of the lease on a new ShoreTel system.

There could be hundreds of dollars in savings hiding in your monthly bills as well. Continue reading...

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