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Crosstalk with Select Telecom
Fall 2010
From the President's Desk

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter, Crosstalk with Select Telecom!

As the leaves start turning, many of us are busy helping our kids get back to school. Most of you who have known me all of these years have heard me talk about my kids, and quite a few of you have even been so kind as to change a meeting when I was coaching one of their basketball games. For me, those days are over, as two of my kids have graduated from college and one is a junior in college. I have enjoyed watching my kids grow into adults and I hope that many of you have had the great fortune to do the same with yours. I would love to hear a few stories about your children as well.

While you’re getting your family ready for the school year, it’s also a good time to get your communication technology up to date and ready for another year of business. Voice over IP (VoIP) is a subject you hear about quite often now. We have been doing VoIP applications for over 10 years, before anyone was really talking about it. I’ve even had customers ask me about connecting offices thru their existing data circuits with a 56K frame relay – we would suggest dropping an FX card into their router and sending analog extensions over the circuit so they could intercom back and forth, and it worked! That was VoIP, but no one called it that just yet.

When you use Select Telecom for your IP telephony needs, you are in good hands. We have accomplished many of these projects over the last few years and have several products on the telephone system side so that we can provide you with a solution, not just a sale. We offer NEC, ShoreTel and Avaya/Nortel IP telephone systems along with, Sony or PolyCom video conference solutions, IP cameras and voice/data cabling and have trained and certified our technicians on each and every product. This season, let us show you how our quality products and service can provide you with the best solution for your business.

Have a great fall and I hope to hear from you soon!

Mike Durante
President –

Quick Tip!
As the school year begins, anyone with children knows that now is the time to start getting the kids "back to basics" – earlier to bed and earlier to rise, restock school supplies, etc. While you’re getting focused at home, why not also do so at work? Now is an excellent time to utilize Select Telecom's expertise and carrier-partner program to do an updated inventory of all of your voice and internet service providers. We can help you ensure that you’re on the most cost-effective dial tone plans, have the fastest internet speeds for your budget, and are using the best cell phone plans for your organization. Contact us today to consult with one of our experienced communication experts!
Eddie Rodriguez, Service Technician
Get to Know Select: Eddie Rodriguez, Service Technician

Every issue, “Get to Know Select” will feature a different employee sharing their experience at Select Telecom, along with updates about what’s going on at the company. Have a favorite employee you’d like to hear from? Email us to let us know!

This issue, our featured employee is Eddie Rodriguez, Service Technician at Select Telecom for over 6 years. Eddie’s day-to-day work focuses on repairs and installation assistance, mainly for customers in New York City (though he’s been known to travel to New Jersey, Westchester and Rockland counties, and even down to Philadelphia). Eddie has been a phone technician since 1979 and while honing his expertise over the years, he has been witness to the evolution of communication technology. “Technology has come quite a ways. Phones were heavy and bulky with big cables for only 10- or 6-line phones and cabling was more involved. Today, everything is shared with data so a single pair [of wires] can give you 20 lines.”

When asked about his favorite aspect of working at Select Telecom, Eddie’s sense of humor shines through: “Getting paid!” Continue reading...

Spotlight: IP Telephony – Helping Medical Groups to Help Others

There are few places where reliable communication is more important than a hospital or medical group. At the most basic level, patients need to be able to reach medical staff to schedule appointments and follow up on treatments. Medical professionals must consult each other in order to provide the best care and make accurate diagnoses, and no doctor or nurse has the time to learn a complicated voicemail system. In addition, despite ever-rising costs in the healthcare industry, administrations are under pressure to increase efficiency as an aging population puts greater demands on our healthcare systems. Oftentimes, the burden lands on IT managers who struggle to correct problems throughout a complex communication system which is spread across many branch locations. In a fast-paced industry where lives quite literally hang in the balance, communication systems need to be simple, scalable, and flexible to enable medical facilities to operate more efficiently and provide better service to patients. This is where IP telephony comes in.

The main advantage of IP telephony over the traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone systems which are used almost universally by businesses in the medical industry and elsewhere is simplicity. In a traditional system, a separate phone and voicemail system is needed for each branch location, plus separate circuits to network them together. Due to the complexity of the system, even simple moves to a different office or adding one phone require outside help from a vendor to implement.

With an IP-based telephone system, businesses can utilize their existing data network to connect people – even across multiple buildings or branch locations – to one, centralized phone system. The entire system is managed through software with a simple interface and does not require specialized knowledge of telecommunication systems to modify. With fewer “moving parts” the system is easier to manage and more reliable. When problems occur, they are easy to diagnose and solve and can generally be addressed by one IT manager, instead of requiring a team of experts or a service call to an outside vendor. Continue reading...

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