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Priority Page to Ensure Message is Received

Many companies use group pages to send urgent messages to a selection of individuals in one shot, but what happens when one or more of those people are on a call when the page is sent?  ShoreTel's priority paging feature allows administrators to override the recipient's current audio with their message, ensuring that everyone on the page actually received the message.

To Set Up a Priority Paging Group (Admins Only):
  1.   In ShoreTel Director, select Administration > Call Control > Paging Groups
  2.   Click the New button to create a new Paging Group (note the Extension number)
  3.   Select the Paging Group Server
  4.   Check Make Number Private if you prefer the paging group extension to not show up in the company directory (recommended)
  5.   Check Enable Priority Paging
  6.   Choose the Extension List to be used as the paging group (must be created beforehand)
  7.   If desired, modify other settings
  8.   Click Save
  9.   To send a Priority Page, simply dial the Extension number of the group you created

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IM for All with ShoreTel 13

Did you know that the latest release of ShoreTel 13 supports instant messaging (IM) capabilities at no additional charge for all Communicator users with the required hardware?  We can help you make sure you have the right hardware and administrative settings to support instant messaging.   Contact Select Telecom to learn more about Instant Messaging.
ShoreTel's IP655 Phone
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