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Utilize Trunk Test Tool to Troubleshoot

As any IT manager can tell you, a solid troubleshooting tool is worth its weight in gold - and ShoreTel's Trunk Test Tool is definitely one you'll want to have in your toolbox!  The Trunk Test Tool allows administrators to view a log of incoming and outgoing call activity on all of your system's trunks (analog, T1, PRI, SIP, etc.) in order to monitor the functionality of your gateways.

To use the Trunk Test Tool (Admins Only):
 1. On the Server Desktop, click Start > All Programs > ShoreTel > Trunk Test Tool
 2. Once the tool is open, you may find the following options helpful:
    a. File – use this menu to save or print log information
    b. Edit – this menu allows you to copy and paste log information
    c. View – toggle which columns and toolbars you want to see, and use the Trunk Helper Settings dialog box to choose a server to monitor, select an extension to dial out with, or set the number of lines of data to collect for each trunk
    d. Operations – this menu allows you to make or drop calls, view the properties of selected trunks, and place trunks into or out of service. (Also access this menu by right-clicking on the selected trunk.)

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Keep an eye out for the new ShoreTel Connect release, available in the next several weeks!  ShoreTel Connect is a single platform and user interface that merges cloud and on-site business communications into one seamless, scalable experience.  More details coming soon!  Contact Select Telecom to learn more about ShoreTel Connect.
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