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Turn Off Call Waiting

You're on the phone with an important customer and it happens again: that pesky call waiting tone starts beeping in your ear.  It might be a nice feature for some people, but for you, putting a client on hold is never an option - and that means call waiting will never be anything but a nuisance.  Sick of hearing the beep?  With ShoreTel, you can turn it off!

To Suppress the Call Waiting Tone:
  1. In Communicator, go to ToolsOptions > Telephony
  2. Select Suppress call waiting tone for subsequent calls
  3. Click Apply
If call waiting is suppressed, incoming calls will be routed as specified by your current call handling mode.
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ShoreTel Connect

The newest addition to the ShoreTel suite, ShoreTel Connect 1.0, will allow customers with premise-based solutions to expand their capabilities by integrating ShoreTel cloud applications including Mobility, Conferencing, Contact Center, and more.  ShoreTel Connect is currently only available as a beta for U.S. trial sites.  Contact Select Telecom to learn more about ShoreTel Connect.
ShoreTel's IP655 Phone
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