Add a New Caller to Your Call

The next time you're on a call and need to conference in someone on the other line, don't hang up to set up a new conference call.  Instead, use these simple steps to merge your two calls into one.  With ShoreTel, arranging a spontaneous conference call is a snap!

To Add a Caller to Your Existing Call:
1.    In Call Manager,
       a. Place the first caller on Hold and Answer your second call. 
       b. Press the Conference button on the original call to merge all parties together.
2.    Using the Phone,
       a. When your second line rings, press that Line to answer (your first call will be put on hold).
       b. Press the Join soft key button to merge all parties together. 

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Remote Monitoring Service

ShoreTel's new Remote Monitoring Service is a 365 day around-the-clock service which proactively monitors ShoreTel IP PBX products deployed onsite.  ShoreTel Remote Monitoring provides a real-time view of system performance and automatically notifies ShoreTel Network Operations Center (NOC) of any system issues, enabling faster repair response. Contact Select Telecom for more information about ShoreTel Remote Monitory.

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