Using Greeting Only Mailboxes

Sometimes you just need an informational mailbox where a caller can listen to a message, but should not be able to leave a voice mail.  For example, this can be useful to provide recorded hours/directions, or to playback a greeting during an employee's extended absence.  Or maybe you just turned on the Greeting Only mode by accident and need to shut it off!  Either way, use the following instructions to locate the Greeting Only setting and adjust accordingly.

To Enable a Greeting Only Mailbox:
1.    In Communictor, select Tools > Options
2.    Choose Options and Preferences
3.    Under Call Handling Mode, choose a mode
4.    Check the Enable Voice Mail 'Greeting Only' Mode box

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Stay Alert with Emergency Notification

The ShoreTel Emergency Notification application enables real-time internal notification of emergency situations and code blue calls to help mobilize your internal emergency response teams faster and more effectively.  Get automatic alerts, phone calls, and emails with detailed incident location information and a comprehensive activity log.  Contact Select Telecom to learn more about the ShoreTel Emergency Notification.

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