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Gudrun Giddings

Hej Alla,

Spring has arrived in Sweden I’ve heard, while in LA we continue to enjoy the sun and what looks to be another warm and windy weekend. We are working on some really exciting upcoming events, among them are an evening around fashion and trends from Sweden and Midsummer in collaboration with The Church of Sweden-LA and SWEA-LA. This year, we will also continue the very popular Swedish Affair that was established 2012 in LA, which has become a big hit and much sought after event. We are also looking forward to the Swedish National Day that we are celebrating at the Swedish Church here in LA this year.  These are all fantastic opportunities of networking, creating new business relationships and bridging Sweden and the U.S. And for many of you that inquire, we do also arrange smaller events for our members, like for example mingle evenings, film screenings, business seminars and dinners etc that are for specific target groups and not always announced to the public as via this newsletter. This means lots of fun work for Team SACC-LA due to how great all the Swedes are doing and the vast amount of talent coming out of Scandinavia in all areas of trade, business and the creative industries.   

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” – Rumi


          Happy Friday !!
          Gudrun Giddings
          President of SACC-LA


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The Swedish Number

Photo Courtesy of The Swedish Tourist Association
Last week, Sweden became the first nation with its very own telephone number! The Swedish Tourist Association launched the number +46 771 793 336 in order to spark some curiosity about the Nordic country. Anyone can, to the cost of an international call, dial the number above, get connected to a random Swede and talk to him or her about anything! At the time of writing, almost 53,000 calls have been made since the launch on April 6th. The country that seems to be the most curious about Sweden with 38% of the incoming calls is none other than the U.S.! 

If you want to find out more about the Swedish number or if you're interested in
answering phone calls from and for Sweden, click

Swedes at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Photo Credit: Caroline Gustavsson Adlercreutz
The 25th annual MTV Movie Awards took place last weekend. It celebrated some of the top actors, actresses and movies that have entertained the masses throughout 2015. The fans get to vote and determine the entertainers who get to go home with a Golden Popcorn award. During the show, MTV also teased the audience by showing exclusive new trailers for some of the upcoming movies this year. One of these is "Suicide Squad", in which SACC-LA member Joel Kinnaman stars. However, Joel wasn't the only Swede in the spotlight during the award show. Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård made quite an appearance by not wearing pants on stage. Together with his co-star in "The Legend of Tarzan", Samuel L. Jackson, he presented the biggest award of the evening; the Movie of the Year awarded to "Star Wars - The Force Awakens" .
See more from MTV Movie Awards 2016 here
See Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd and Samuel L. Jackson in the trailer of "The Legend of Tarzan" below. 
Click on the image to watch the trailer. 
Video Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Nordic Women in Film

Ewa Fröling in "Sally and the Freedom". 
Photo Credit: Swedish Film Institute
This weekend the new site will be launched, with the ambition to write about the history of film from a feminist perspective. SACC-LA's sponsor the Swedish Film Institute is behind the launch of this new site, creating it with the purpose to convey large pieces of unknown history, the role of women in it and the importance of film history by highlighting female filmmakers. Earlier this week, the site was presented to the press at the Film House and this weekend, it will be launched with a program filled with film screenings and talkshows at Cinematheque with free admission.
Read more about this in a press release by
the Swedish Film Institute
here (the press release is in Swedish). 

Swedish Handball Team to the Olympics!

The Swedish Handball team right after the crucial free throw.
Photo Courtesy of Aftonbladet/TT
The Swedish Handball team is to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio this summer after the crucial and extremely thrilling game against Spain last Sunday! Sweden had to win, tie or lose by two goals at the most to qualify for the Olympics. With five seconds left on the clock and the scoreboard declaring 22 - 25 in favour of Spain, Sweden got a free throw, which would determine the Olympic dream. The experienced right wing player Niclas Ekberg decided to take on the shot and coolly scored the last goal of the game, thereby ensuring the team tickets to Rio this summer!

Read more about the exciting game here (article in Swedish).

Visit National Parks for free during National Park Week

Photo Credit: Nickolay Stanev via Shutterstock
In celebration of National Park Service's 100th birthday, entry to national parklands will be free of charge from April 16-24 during National Park Week this year. Living in California, we're certainly not lacking in options for national parks with many of them somewhat close to Los Angeles. These include Joshua Tree, Channel Islands, Catalina and Castle Mountains just to name a few. Some of the most popular parks, for example Yosemite, normally charge a $30 admittance fee. This fee will be waived during National Park Week. However, as the L.A. Times notes, some additional camping fees might still apply in certain parks.
Read full article in LAist

Are You the Next Molly?

Swedish fashion brand and SACC-LA member Odd Molly started as a tribute to Molly, a skater girl in Venice Beach in the ‘80s who followed her own path in life and dared to chase her dreams. Odd Molly's goal is to inspire other girls to do the same. Collection by collection, the brand is paving the way for more Mollys in the world, this by helping girls to realize their most impossible, adventurous and “odd” dreams.
Click on the image to watch the clip. 
Video Credit: Odd Molly
Find more information about Odd Molly and their projects on their website

Popular Meditation Centers in Los Angeles

Picture Credit: istockphoto
"Though it comes in many forms rooted in various traditions, a regular meditation practice can dramatically change your life. Less stress, better sleep, greater happiness — these are just of the few of the perks that come with incorporating mindful meditation into your daily life. Most people think meditating is about quieting your mind, but really it’s about creating a mindful awareness, embracing your thoughts and letting them flow through you like water. Find the best meditation center for you at one of these popular places in Los Angeles." via CBS. 
Read more about the best meditation centers in Los Angeles here

"Love Cares" on Tuesday April 19th

Photo Credit: Pernilla Danielsson/
On this Tuesday, April 19th, The Swedish author Daniel Mendoza is visiting the Swedish Church in Los Angeles for an evening on the theme of "Love Cares", an inspiring lecture on constructive engagement, awareness of optimism and to follow your heart. The lecture will be held in Swedish. 

Daniel was born in Uruguay and after a year of life on the run, he finally ended up in Sweden. Despite a dark and extremely violent childhood, he never gave up faith in love and the future. In 2010, after his studies at the Stockholm School of Economics and nearly ten years in the financial sector, he jumped off the carousel and founded the magazine Good News magazine to spread optimism and faith for the future. 

Starting from their own history and their own journey like Daniel did, inspires and provides insights you can take with you, which will last for a long time, perhaps for life. The lecture sense to create insights that brings awareness, awareness that we as individuals can influence. That gives optimism.
For more information about the lecture with Daniel Mendoza, click here

Spring Fling with SACC-LA Sponsor Orrefors

Photo Courtesy of Orrefors
SACC-LA sponsor Orrefors currently has a special Spring Fling deal that is hard to resist! It's only good through April 19th so hurry up and take part of the Spring Fling! 
For more information about Orrefors, visit their website

The 'Smombie' Sign is Being Used for Real

The original smombie sign.
Photo Credit: Animal/Jacob Sempler
Six months after two Swedes poked fun of their smartphone-addicted peers with an unofficial road sign, it's become an unexpected educational tool, one of its co-creators has told The Local.

The sign, showing a man and a woman locked to their smartphones, went viral after it was posted around the Swedish capital last year. It was supposed to be an arty dig at tech-savvy locals, but after a recent study highlighted that Stockholmers pose the greatest traffic danger risk in Europe thanks to their 'smombie' (smartphone + zombie) habits, one of the sign's co-creators has revealed that the project has gone global.

Read full article in The Local

Swedish Spotlight At Newport Beach Film Festival

Photo Credit: Newport Beach Film Festival
On Tuesday, April 26th 2016, the 17th annual Newport Beach Film Festival will present its Swedish Spotlight, an evening celebrating Swedish cinema and culture. The event will feature the West Coast Premiere of the highly acclaimed film "A Man Called Ove" (with the Swedish title "En Man Som Heter Ove"), followed by a festive post-screening gala. "A Man Called Ove" follows 59 year-old Ove, the grumpy old man of the block. Several years ago, Ove was deposed as president of the condominium association, but he couldn't care less about being removed and keeps ruling over the neighborhood with an iron fist. When pregnant Parvaneh and her family move in next door and accidentally back into Ove’s mailbox, it sets off the beginning of an unexpected friendship.

“The Festival continues a strong tradition of presenting the very best in Swedish cinema. A Man Called Ove (En Man Som Heter Ove) is a funny, heartfelt film,” stated Gregg Schwenk, CEO of the Newport Beach Film Festival. “Hannes Holm has directed a wonderful adaptation of the extremely popular novel.”
For more information about Newport Beach Film Festival, visit its website
SACC-LA would like to welcome one of our newest members, International Management Agency, to our network! A mere three years after its launch in 2013, the management firm Maria Vascsak Agency, run by Maria Vascsak, has adopted a new name because of its rapid growth. The company quickly discovered a new modern approach that better services its clients' needs, as well as adding Production as an additional dimension. Thus, the new agency IMA, International Management Agency, was born. 

IMA will manage the careers of very talented Directors, Writers, Actors, Authors and Storyboard Artists. The company works closely with all clients and their talents to achieve their goals, whether in feature films, television, commercials or brand integrated content, through comprehensive consulting and marketing, creating economic value for their careers.

“Production to us is more than just planning and implementation. It’s also very much a passion. Through our many years of experience both in Sweden and internationally, we feel that we have been able to refine our creative process and found the best way to most professionally and efficiently build a production that will help elevate as well as strengthen our team and create success for all.” says William Legue, Partner and Client at IMA. 
IMA provides unique personal management, specializing in areas such as contract negotiation, public relations, promotion, branding and sponsorship. Through an established network of specialists, IMA is also able to add consulting in practical areas such as tax matters, asset management, insurance and business law. IMA will be working closely with international clients across Europe, Asia and the U.S. who are all bilingual and multilingual. They will guide careers with confidence and passion, relying on our experience in every area of the changing media landscape. IMA’s roster continues to include names such as William Legue, Fredric Keith Reshew, Elise Rovinsky, Eva Beling, Giuseppe Cristiano, Moa Malan, Jeffrey Glickman, Emma Lindgren and Markus Strömqvist, but will also be able to present new additions along the way.

“We look forward to a new exciting era with our clients, "old" and new, as well as partners and new collaborations and couldn’t be more thrilled” – Partner Maria Vascsak
All the pictures in this segment are courtesy of IMA.
For more information about IMA, visit their website

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The 19 Most Expensive Holiday Destinations

Global Game Changers 2016

Photo Credit: Henrik Trygg/
Business Insider just published a list of the world's most expensive holiday destinations in 2016. To make its ranking, six travel expenses where added up the total — including a 3-kilometer taxi journey, a night's stay at a hotel per person, and a meal — to find the average cost per person for a day trip in each destination. 

"They are our best and brightest: citizens of the world who leverage technology, finance and sheer brainpower to upend entire sectors and transform the everyday lives of billions. To compile the list of the world’s boldest business leaders Forbes started by screening hundreds of companies for growth, innovation and global presence.


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