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Gudrun Giddings

Hej Alla,
The Swedish six part mini series “Heja Sverige” is currently playing on Swedish TV4 and the news morning program “Nyhetsmorgon” recently interviewed some of the competitors and the sports director from Special Olympics Sweden.  During the interview they talked about their trip to LA and how it felt winning a gold medal.  They also talked about SACC-LA’s Kick-Off Party for Team Sweden and how fun it was to meet all of you, the beautiful guests that attended and then something interesting happened were the host of the news morning program made an announcement to find a girl with the name of Astrid.  â€œDoes anyone know a Swedish girl named Astrid in Los Angeles?”   We know Astrid and you can read more about her just below and also watch the morning news clip from “Nyhetsmorgon.”
We have also included the short film from Team Sweden’s Kick Off party in today’s “Finally Friday”, the short film will also be available via SACC-LA’s Facebook page  Enjoy !!
And again, we at SACC-LA extends a huge and warm THANK YOU to all of our wonderful members, companies, sponsors and individuals who supported and made this win-win event happen and to Team Sweden for being so awesome and representing Sweden in such an inspirational way !!  
There is a lot of great information and up coming event announcements in this week’s newsletter, and you can also find out how to apply to become a SACC-LA Marketing Manger. Also, please make sure you visit SACC-LA’s member Olsons Scandinavian Delicatessen that was established 1948 in Los Angeles. You can read more about the Swedish owner Christian Kneedler and why and how he decided to buy the deli and café a few years back, under Membership Spotlight.  
“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  â€• William Arthur Ward

          Happy Friday !!

          Gudrun Giddings
          President of SACC-LA


Astrid wanted! We found her!

Photo Credit: TV4

On TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon, Special Olympic athlete, Daniel Anglén said he met a wonderful girl while in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Daniel never managed to get the wonderful girl’s last name. Luckily, we have found her; she is none other than our very own finance and accounting manager, Astrid Lindesvärd! Daniel and Astrid have now been united on Facebook and are in contact with each other. Astrid is very happy to hear that Daniel won gold and sends her best to him and all of the athletes of Team Sweden who participated in the Special Olympics this year!


To watch the clip from Nyhetsmorgon, click here.

Team Sweden Special Olympics Kick-Off Party - The Movie!

Click on the image to watch the short movie of the event!

On July 26th, SACC-LA hosted a kick-off party for Team Sweden. Here's a recap of the extraordinary evening!

The Malik Bendjelloul Memorial Foundation

Swedish filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul won an Oscar in 2013

Photo Credit: SACC-LA

The Malik Bendjelloul Memorial Foundation was founded this September on the initiative of the late Swedish filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul’s family. The foundation aims to support and fund active documentary filmmakers in Sweden. 


The foundation’s founders wish to honor Malik Bendjelloul, who was a Swedish documentary filmmaker. He had a great ambition when it came to making documentaries, and he is most known for ”Searching for Sugar Man” - a documentary researching the mystery of musician Sixto Rodriguez. The documentary achieved great success and won an Oscar in 2013. Malik Bendjelloul passed away in 2014.


Support The Malik Bendjelloul Memorial Foundation by clicking here.

Read more about Malik Bendjelloul in this Hollywood Reporter article

SACC-LA Spring 2016 Internships

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (SACC-LA) is looking for four self-motivated and ambitious interns. This is a 6-12 month internship beginning in January 2016.

Apply Here

Photo Credit: Pontus Hammarström
“To be part of SACC-LA is a unique opportunity to represent Sweden in the US and meet many successful companies and celebrities! It has been very exciting to experience LA and the American business culture, which is completely different from Sweden. One day is never like the other at SACC-LA. This is a fantastic opportunity to create new business connections and learn incredibly much!”

Astrid Lindesvärd, Finance and Accounting Manager Fall 2015.
Application deadline is September 30th. Make sure to apply by following this link!

SACC-LA Sponsors the World's First Street Art Fair

SACC-LA is a happy sponsor of the first annual street art fair ever! On October 1st they will open up the doors to the 50,000 square feet venue at the Pacific Design Center. 150-200 artists will be participating at this unique event! If you are a subscriber or a member of SACC-LA enter the promotion code: “SWEDISHSTREET” and you will get 25% off on the tickets. The coolest and hippest crowd of Los Angeles will show up at this Art Fair together with a lot of celebrities and the great network of SACC-LA.

Photo Credit: LAB ART

Go and get your discounted tickets and we'll see you there!


BLACK KING - Interview With Director Ronnie Brolin

The Awareness Film Festival is organized by Heal One World, a non-profit charity serving the community surrounding West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. Serving as a fundraiser, the mission of the Awareness Film Festival is to inform and inspire audiences through a program of films on ecological, political, health/well-being and spiritual topics. This year it will feature one of SACC-LA member Film Festival Flix' movies;  â€Black King”. We met up with the Swedish director, Ronnie Brolin for an interview.

Photo Credit: iFocus

Tell us about you background
I have been working in the film industry for 15 years now. I never went to film school or anything like that, I always felt like I wanted to find my own way. Altough I did have media focus in my high school program. The first week after I graduated from high school I got a job as an art director and made infomercials for one year, after that I started my own business. I’ve always liked writing, and I am pretty good at visualizing and seeing things in my mind that I want to communicate, with this I also had a big tech-interest and especially photo. All these interests and skills came together pretty well with filmmaking.  In 2001 I did my first film, and in 2005 I found, in collaboration with my colleagues, the right niche. We want to use film as a tool of communication to get messages out to people, especially youths, regarding social and ethical values. In 2009 we did a film called “Älska mig” (Love me) which is about the bullying and vulnerability of young teenage girls.

This film reached a broad audience and a lot of Swedish schools used it as educational material. Today it has more than 1,000.000 views on YouTube. In this new film “Svart Kung” (Black King) where juvenile delinquency is the main topic, we work in the same way and want the film to have the same impact. 

I have really found a joy in making films that touches the audience’s hearts and not "only" entertains them while watching. If someone leaves the theatre crying I have done something right! I want to show the entire chain of events without censoring the tough parts. When doing it like that the film digs down to a deeper level and the audience can get a better understanding of what the characters really go through. This part is so important in order to get the film to be a good basis for discussion in schools across Sweden.   

What does the creative process (production process) look like?
We started the process in 2010, at that time we tried to find new ways of getting the film financed. We ended up getting most support from the public sector. Municipalities invested capital to get the right to use the film in a public health perspective. It is not just entertainment and culture. We build projects around our productions that don’t serve the purpose of making films but merely to work with youths. The goal with Black King was to bring up questions and discussion regarding the security issues affecting them. To ask youths about drugs and get a good and honest discussion is not easy. What we did was that we interviewed 1100 youths in schools. We had group discussions and they wrote testimonials that we later structured to different themes that we brought up in later meetings with the same people.


We come in to their classrooms, tell them we are making a film and that it's going to be about them, we do not yet know what it’s about, but we are there to figure it out. We can talk about a main character, how this is person behaving, what he/she does etc. Then we go onto discuss a scene with more positivity to it, a place you connect to happiness, where do you go to have fun? When done like this, the youths talk about their own experiences and feelings and that allow us to create some kind of map over their city/town and social life that we can apply to the film. When we have written the manuscripts, we take help from psychologists, police and correctional facility workers to make everything as authentic and realistic as possible. 

Since we portray a lot of physical violence and peer pressure, the movie Black King has gotten a main focus on young boys. With the main character, Leon, we wanted to skip all the usual excuses and explanations for a troubled child, such as domestic violence and divorces - we wanted him to live in a safe environment. I think that's the reason for Black King's success, it's a reflection of reality.

Would you like to to go the screening of Black King on Saturday at 4pm? Check out the director's message below!

Swedish director Ronnie Brolin has a message for you!

Visit SACC-LA's Facebook page here!

Steve Angello Donated 40,000 SEK

Steve Angello at the Eliason Merit Award 2013
Photo Credit: SACC-LA

Former member of Swedish House Mafia and Eliason Merit Award-Winner, Steve Angello, donated 40,000 Swedish kronor this past June to one of his super-fans Allie, who was suffering from biliary atresia. Allie’s father reached out the Swedish DJ through social media when she was in need of a liver transplant. Angello did not hesitate to act and responded quickly to the father’s message saying that he wanted to help.

Coastal Clean-Up Day

This Saturday, September 19, Heal the Bay is hosting Coastal Clean-Up Day where over 10,000 people will volunteer to help clean-up beaches, rivers, creeks and parks. There will be more than 50 different cleanup sites in Los Angeles, stretching from Malibu to Pasadena. No special equipment or previous experience is necessary to be a part of this great initiative. 


Help protect our great environment by signing up here.

Photo Courtesy of "Heal The Bay"

Have you ever wanted to find premium Scandinavian delicacies while enjoying life in Los Angeles? Then Olsons Scandinavian Delicatessen is the ultimate place for you! Located on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, Olsons and its owner, Christian Kneedler have managed to gather the best of the best from Scandinavian interior decorations to Swedish ’lösgodis’. 

Ever since his arrival in 1984, Christian was a frequent customer of Olsons. At that time, Olsons had already been established for almost forty years. The fact that Olsons had been around for such a long time was something that immediately caught Christian's attention. After having been a customer of Olsons for almost thirty years, Christian decided to buy Olsons Scandinavian Delicatessen two and a half years ago. 

How has Olsons changed from when you were ”just” a customer to now, when you are the owner? 
– From when I took over as owner of Olsons, I wanted to incorporate more of a restaurant feeling - a place where customers could sit down and actually eat the food we serve. During my time as owner, I think we’ve expanded our inventory and also our customer base. I also wanted to create an interior design in our restaurant that is timeless. A design that never goes out of style. 

Christian’s vision has definitely worked; throughout the years Olsons has been able to attract a broader customer base including not just Scandinavians, but also Americans. According to Christian, the attractiveness of Scandinavia lies in the food, which just keeps getting better and better. The now broader customer base of Olsons are nothing but satisfied, with remarkable reviews posted online.​

Olsons has great reviews online, why do you think that is?
– Because our food is good, our staff is very friendly and it’s a different experience. We’re unique at what we do, there’s no other place in Los Angeles that offers the same experience.

With all this satisfaction, what’s next for Olsons? How will you keep progressing? 
– We always want to develop our food more and more, and also be able to offer lunch boxes to our customers. Another project we’re working on are pop-ups that will only serve Skagen. But generally, we would like to expand Olsons more in Los Angeles. This October and November we will get a large shipment to refill our stock for the upcoming holidays. It’s usually during Christmas when have the largest amount of customers coming in, it’s great. This year we’re also hosting a special Lucia event together with SWEA. 

As the holidays will be around the corner very soon, it’s understandable that many customers will be knocking on Olsons' doors. With great reviews and a timeless design that really enhances Scandinavia, there’s no reason for you to not be knocking on those doors as well. 

In addition to being a customer, Olsons will also be looking to hire personnel to help out during Christmas. Fore more information, please come by Olsons on 5660 W Pico Boulevard. 
Photo Credits: Pontus Hammarström

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Top 5 Men's Fashion Trends Fall 2015

Photo Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images
Photo Collage by: Paul Frederick
New York Fashion Week just ended yesterday! If you were not there and feel frustrated that you don’t know which next trends are coming up. Don’t worry, check out Vouge’s guidance on how to dress like the models on the catwalk from NYC Fashion Week Fall 2015.

See the full list here.
The famous magazine Du Jour has selected the top 5 best takeaways from men's fashion month. Follow the magazine's guidelines to be on-trend instantly. One of this fall's trends is "statement coats", which means that this winter your coat shouldn't only be warm, it should also be loud!

To see the other 4 trends, visit this link

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