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Gudrun Giddings

Hej Alla,

We warmly congratulate the entire Swedish Royal Family and especially H.R.H. Princess Sophia and Prince Carl Philip to becoming parents to their first child, a baby boy. The new young prince was born this past Tuesday evening, April 19th in Sweden and will be named Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil. 

Lots of SACC-LA member news this week, first we have a personal interview with the CEO of Scandinavian Airlines/SAS, Rickard Gustafson. As most of you know by now, SAS started flying non-stop between LA and Stockholm last month and we could not be more happy to finally be able to travel in comfort and style between the two countries. This week we also welcome a new member; Hästens, a luxury brand from Sweden that serendipity is collaborating with SAS. Hästens is now providing linens and pillows of the highest quality for all SAS business travelers on board the new and improved aircrafts. We also commend Hästens to their recent second store opening in LA on Montana Avenue. You can read more about Hästens under Membership Spotlight, this including how to contact fellow Swede Kristofer Eriksson who runs Hästens in LA.     

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          Happy Friday !!
          Gudrun Giddings
          President of SACC-LA


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A New Prince is Born!

Photo Credit: Kungahuset/Royal Court
This Tuesday April 19th,  it was announced that H.R.H. Princess Sophia and Prince Carl Philip became parents to their first child, a baby boy. Prince Carl Philip met the press at Danderyds Hospital, where he announced that his wife Sofia had given birth to a healthy baby boy and that both Sofia and the boy were feeling well. Cannon shots were fired across Sweden at noon on Wednesday in honor of the new prince. In Stockholm, the 21-gun salute was fired from the Skeppsholmen Island. The new prince's grandmother, H.M. Queen Silvia, was in New York this week but earlier in the day, his grandfather H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf paid a visit to Danderyd Hospital to greet the new prince. On Thursday, April 21, the name of the prince was announced during a press conference held by Carl XVI Gustaf. He will be named Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil, and his title will be Duke of Södermanland, the region south of Stockholm.
Read more about the new prince in The Local

Interview with SAS' CEO Rickard Gustafson

During SAS' spectacular launch of the non-stop flight between Stockholm and Los Angeles, SACC-LA got to meet one of the men behind the success of SAS, CEO Rickard Gustafson and ask him a couple of questions regarding the new flight. 
Photo Credit: Bertil Enevåg Ericson/TT
Congratulations on a very successful launch of the new non-stop route between Stockholm and Los Angeles!
Thank you!  

When did you start working for SAS and what is the best part of your job working at Scandinavian Airlines?
I started in 2011, five years ago, and was pleased to discover the high level of professional competence within the company. It’s been very inspiring trying to utilize and ennoble those skills in close cooperation with members of management and staff, in this dynamic and competitive airline business.    

What was your goal when you became the CEO for SAS?
My determined ambition was to turn SAS into a successful company. I must admit that I didn’t foresee all the challenges ahead, but I’m pleased to the fact that we have made a significant turnaround that has given the airline a platform to build the future upon.  

Please tell us about some of SAS’s vision into the future/some of what we can expect from Scandinavian Airlines.
SAS vision is; to make life easier for Scandinavia’s frequent travelers, so our strategic goal is to win the battle for this important group of customers, through an ongoing enhancement of customer experience. Continuous efforts to develop SAS’s products and customer service, will include more destinations and frequencies, new aircraft, new innovative solutions and concepts on ground, and a constant strive to keep a world-class  punctuality, that shows that we value our customer’s time.
You will also see a further expansion of our loyalty program, SAS EuroBonus, which will reflect members’ everyday life – when traveling and at home. We have started exciting cooperation with external partners, and through the benefits of our strong brand and position in Scandinavia, our customers can enjoy an increasing range of offerings from the “Membership airline” - SAS.  
What do you think is the main reason for SAS’s success?
The short answer is hard work! SAS has shown the ability to adapt to the ever-changing challenges in the airline business. We have managed to utilize the strong culture in SAS, to a united team, that has made SAS a comeback kid, after a critical financial crisis in 2012. We have defined our target groups, and started a product development that is tailored to changed travel habits. Our commercial strategy has been well received, reaching an all time high customer satisfaction last month.
What’s your favorite part about Los Angeles?
I love the variety of things you can explore in Los Angeles, but I find the Santa Monica beach the perfect place to relax and exercise. Very nice staying in the area, and some of the restaurants are a real treat.  

What place in Los Angeles would you recommend to first timers from Sweden traveling to Los Angeles?
If you are not enjoying it in LA, you are bored of life. Visiting Hollywood is mandatory, as the entertainment industry is so impressive in this city. Fashion and lifestyle might be the first choice for some, and to other’s a fascinating stroll in the Venice areas - like Abbott Kinney boulevard - can be an experience for life. But to most Scandinavians, the climate and beautiful palm tree decorated surroundings, are what it takes to leaving their hearts in LA. 
Christina Westerlind Gustafson and Rickard Gustafson President/CEO of SAS, SACC-LA's President/Chair Gudrun Giddings and H.E. the Ambassador of Sweden Björn Lyrvall at the SAS Gala Dinner in Los Angeles.
Photo Credit: SACC-LA 
For more information about SAS, click here


Photo Credit: Cinemantrix
SACC-LA member Cinemantrix is a production company with a studio in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. The studio also serves as a meeting place for people in the film industry to network and exchange ideas including experiences. Cinemantrix have also successfully brought international producers, screenwriter, directors and actors to Sweden to build relationships between the Swedish and U.S. film industries to learn from each other and to encourage joint collaborations. 

One such event is the upcoming "From Idea to Hollywood", a workshop that focuses on coaching Swedish producers, production companies and screenwriters to sell their idea to Hollywood and worldwide. The workshop will take place in Stockholm and is run by LA producer Gudrun Giddings the weekend before Cannes Film Festival in May 2016 and features a guest appearance by Madeleine Ekman, CEO of Zentropa Sweden. Ekman has produced films directed by Lars von Trier, Tomas Vinterberg and Susanne Bier among many other Scandinavian films. Madeleine also won a Guldbagge (the Swedish Oscar) for Best Film this past January 2016. Cinemantrix will also host an industry mixer with Giddings in conjunction with the workshop.
The Hollywood Sign
Photo Credit: Thomas Wolf,
Gudrun Giddings and Madeleine Ekman
at the SACC-LA Pre Oscar Party 2014
Photo Credit: Kerstin Alm
Read more and apply to the workshop here.

Malibu Farm Now Open in Hawaii

Photo Credit: Malibu Farm
SACC-LA member Malibu Farm is a locally owned small business with the mission of serving fresh, organic and local food. Swedish Helene started Malibu Farm a few years ago, doing cooking classes and farm dinners out of her home and in her back yard. A couple of years later, she opened her own restaurant at the end of the Malibu Pier. Recently, Malibu Farm opened up a new location in Hawaii and further expansion is to come!
Read more about Helene and Malibu Farm here
For more information about the newly opened Malibu Farm in Lanai, Hawaii, click here.

Happy Earth Day!

Photo Credit: Earth Day 
Today, Friday April 22nd, is the Earth Day! It's the 46th year of an environmental movement that continues to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion and motivate people to action. In 1970, the year of the first Earth Day, the movement gave voice to an emerging consciousness, channeling human energy toward environmental issues. Forty-six years later, it continues to lead with groundbreaking ideas and by the power of example.
Read more about Earth Day here.

Susanne Karlsson's Trunkshow and Sample Event

Photo Credit: Susanne Karlsson
SACC-LA member Susanne Karlsson Sweden is hosting a Spring/Summer Trunkshow and Sample Sale Event on Thursday, April 28th! RSVP to 

For more information about Susanne Karlsson Sweden, visit the website.  

KONE and Parasport Scholarship

Photo Credit: Sweden's Paralympic Committee 
Many sports facilities around Sweden today lack accessibility features. This means that not all citizens are offered the same opportunities for an active life. KONE and Para Sport Sweden now announces the Availability scholarship of 50 000 SEK (almost 6200 USD) to be used for measures that improve accessibility inside or outside sports facilities.

KONE has long worked with accessibility issues with a focus on innovative solutions that enable all people to move smoothly, safely and comfortably. KONE call that People Flow. This also includes creating opportunities for people with disabilities to have an active and independent life, an ambition that goes hand in hand with Para Sports Sweden's objective. The new scholarship is open to sports clubs to apply, and goes to the association that clearly show how they could increase the opportunity for more people to engage in sport.

KONE is from January 1st this year an active sponsor of Swedish Para Sports Federation and the Swedish Paralympic Committee. Besides the Availability scholarship, the goal of the operations is to cooperate in a number of accessibility areas to help more people to live a more active life.

The application deadline is 31 May and the winners are chosen by a jury consisting of representatives from KONE and Para Sport Sweden.
For more information about the Scholarship and to apply, click here. (Information in Swedish).

Swede wins World's Best Sommelier 2016

Photo Courtesy of Jean Bernard
The world's best sommelier, or i.e. wine professional, of 2016 is the Swede Arvid Rosengren! Earlier this week, Arvid won the prestigious competition held in Mendoza, Argentina after beating two other contestants in the final. The competition included different elements such as blindtasting of liquor and food recommendations to go with different types of wine. Due to his knowledge and skill, Arvid can now call himself the best wine steward in the world. Congratulations to Arvid, who normally works at the exclusive restaurant Charlie Bird in New York!
Read more about Arvid and the competition here.

Capitol Records Celebrates its 60th Birthday

Photo Credit: Hank Chinaski LA via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr
The famous record label Capitol Studios turn 60 this year and this is celebrated at the iconic tower next month with several cool events. The weekend of May 21-22, you can stop by for a rare opportunity to peek into L.A. music history. There will be tours, demos, tales from notable recording sessions and a vinyl fair where you can add some records to your collection.

The studio's actual 60th birthday was on February 22. It opened in 1956 and its first artist was Frank Sinatra, who recorded Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Color there.

Read full article in LAist, and click here to get tickets.

"Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives"

Click on the image to watch the clip. 
Video Credit: Prince Ea
Prince Ea is the artist devoted to growing the world through motivational and inspirational content. He has nothing to teach; he merely shows people what they already have within themselves. He believes that Love is the answer to every problem we face on the planet, and will continue to spread that message as far as he can. In his most recent video "Everybody dies, but not everybody lives", he is encouraging people to have the courage to go after their dreams and live a life without regrets.
Fore more information and to see more videos from Prince Ea, visit his Youtube channel
SACC-LA would like to give our warmest welcome to our brand new member Hästens LA! With its famous blue and white checkerboard pattern, Hästens is the Swedish mattress making brand that is known worldwide for its craftsmanship and products of highest quality. All Hästens' beds are handcrafted and made from natural materials including the finest pure flax, cotton and wool, the highest quality Swedish pine and genuine, hypoallergenic horsehair. Hästens quest is to provide the most restful sleep for people who want to lead a higher quality of life. There is sleep. And then there's Hästens sleep.

The story of Hästens started in 1852, when the Swedish brand’s first mattress as well as saddle maker Pehr Adolf Janson got his journeyman’s certificate for his craftsmanship and his ability to create high quality products. Pehr Adolf’s son Per Thure and his son David started the actual company that later became Hästens. The bed factory was first located in Hed in Västmanland, Sweden, but the little town quickly became too small for the company and the factory was moved to Köping in 1924. Ever since then, Köping has been the headquarters for Hästens.
Photo Courtesy of Hästens
But you don’t have to go all the way to Sweden to get your beauty sleep! Hästens LA has not only one but two stores right here in Los Angeles! The flagship store for southern California is located right on the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills and the showroom has everything from mattresses to pyjamas and pillows. The second concept store opened up in Santa Monica on the exclusive Montana Avenue just this summer. So if you feel like you want to improve your sleep for the rest of your nights, you're very welcome to get in touch with Kristofer Eriksson, the Swede who runs Hästens in LA, on or (818) 471 8579. Or if you just feel like taking a quick nap, go and visit the stores!

Hästens on Beverly
8827 Beverly Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Hästens on Montana
1302 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Also make sure to follow Hästens LA on Instagram and on Facebook to find information about the great products, to recieve great tips about improving your sleep and much more. Here, you can find out even more about Hästens LA.
Don’t forget that Hästens also helps you sleep better on your flight across the Atlantic nowadays! In collaboration with SACC-LA member SAS and the launch of the airline's new and improved aircrafts, Hästens is now providing linens and pillows in the highest quality for SAS’ Business Class travelers. For this collaboration, the company has created its signature checkerboard pattern in grey and white.
Hästens in SAS' Business Class cabin.
Photo Courtesy of SAS

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Most Popular Feature Films in 2016

Exhibit: Gender Equality

Photo Credit: Thinkstock
Photo Credit: Embassy of Sweden
IMDb has listed the most popular feature films in 2016. Some of them have already been released, while some are yet to come. By looking at the list it seems like superheroes are big this year, which ones do you anticipate? 

The Embassy of Sweden U.S. collaborated with the Swedish Institute (SI) to make an exhibition on gender equality in Washington D.C. The exhibition aims to inspire and reflect as well as discuss the changes which have been made and to initiate the changes still needed to reach gender equality in your part of the world.

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