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Gudrun Giddings

Hej Alla,

In this week’s “Finally Friday” you can enjoy a few great clips, including one really funny short video with Swedish soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimović called “Zlatan@work”, a short clip with the very young Oscar winner and Swedish actress Alicia Vikander where she talks about her dream of becoming an actress, as well as a clip from Allan Watts called “Music and Life” about enjoying life’s journey. 

Sweden and all the Nordic countries are making a big splash this weekend and next week in Austin Texas during SXSW 2016. This is a festival that includes interactive, film and music. You can read more about SXSW and the Nordic Lighthouse just below. And as us Swedes are very proud of our innovations and music, we included our wonderful SACC-LA members aiFi in today’s Membership Spotlight. 

We are looking forward to an enjoyable and informational evening on Tuesday March 22nd with photographer Maria Tornberg, who will speak about how important your image is, no matter what's your profession, but especially if you are in entertainment and specifically an actor. Casting director Dominika Posseren and make up artist Elin Andersson will also join the evening. You can RSVP just below. 

Over the years we have had some absolutely amazing Marketing Mangers, who have all gotten jobs all around the world, including here in LA. If you would like to join our team in Los Angeles, we are now accepting applications. This is truly an exciting opportunity for anyone who would like to experience how it is to work in the U.S. and in the “entertainment capital of the world”. 

Hope you enjoy the article about meditation and if you never tried it and don’t know how to meditate you can simply click on the link and it will guide you through one of the many meditation techniques. To help you get inspired we also included a link of the many benefits you can receive from meditating. Wishing you a peaceful weekend. 

"The only way to have a friend is to be one." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


          Happy Friday !!
          Gudrun Giddings
          President of SACC-LA


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Prince Oscar is Welcomed to the World

Photo Credit: Swedish Royal Court

As mentioned in last Finally Friday, a new prince has been born! And just recently, the first close-up photo of little Prince Oscar was released by the Royal Court. The prince is H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf and H.M. Queen Silvia's fourth grandchild, joining his older sister Estelle as well as H.R.H. Princess Madeleine's two children Leonore and Nicolas. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are also expecting their first child later this month or in April.

Sweden's King, H.M. Carl XVI Gustaf, kicked off the regal proceedings by revealing the baby's full name as Prince Oscar Carl Olof at a gathering of top politicians, there among the Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, and royals at Stockholm's Royal Palace last Wednesday. He also announced that the baby will be the Duke of SkÃ¥ne, a region in southern Sweden. After Prince Oscar's name was formally revealed, a 21-gun salute was fired from the Skeppsholmen island in Stockholm at noon. Guns were also fired in Boden, Härnösand, Karlskrona and Gothenburg in honor of the new prince.
Photo Credit: Erik Nylander/TT
Photo Credit: Anders Wiklund/TT
You can read more about the new born prince in The Local.

President Obama Speaking at the SXSW 2016

Picture Courtesy of SXSW

President Barack Obama appeared as part of the Keynote Conversation at SXSW Interactive today, on Friday March 11th, and First Lady Michelle Obama will open Keynote at SXSW Music on Wednesday, March 16th. This marks the first time in the 30 year old history of SXSW that a sitting President and the First Lady participate in the event.

Today, on Friday March 11th at Dell Hall at The Long Center, President Obama sat down with Evan Smith, CEO / Editor in Chief of The Texas Tribune, for a conversation about civic engagement in the 21st Century before an audience of creators, early adopters and entrepreneurs, who are defining the future of our connected lives. The President called on the audience to apply their ideas and talents to make technology work for us, especially when it comes to tackling big challenges like increasing participation in the political process and fighting climate change. 

Apart from the huge fact that the sitting president will be speaking at the festival, there will also be a Nordic Lighthouse at SXSW! The Nordic Lighthouse is brought to you by Team Finland, The Swedish Affair group and many other organizations and companies from the Nordic countries. It's the most exciting interactive hang out and event space of SXSW, in where you'll get to mingle with artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, brands, filmmakers, bands and much more. 
Picture Courtesy of Nordic Lighthouse/VisitSweden
To read more about the President's visit to SXSW, click here
And for more information about The Nordic Lighthouse, click

Reasons Everyone Should Meditate

Photo Credit: Dreamstime 
Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention to help you feel calm and give you a clear awareness about your life. There are countless benefits of meditation, ranging from increased attention span to improved metabolism, all resulting in a happier you. One of the most common reasons why people meditate is to reduce stress, which the people of Los Angeles are well familiar with as Los Angeles is ranked America's most stressful city, according to Forbes. 

There are many ways to meditate, but the key to developing a successful meditation practice is finding the right fit for you. In order to figure out what kind of meditation works best for you, you’ll have to put a few types of meditation to the test and try several tools in order for you to choose the practice that feels the most comfortable. On the link below, you can find a guide on how to begin one type of meditation called "Mantra meditation". 
Click here to follow a six step guide to learn how to meditate.
To read more about the benefits of meditation, click here

Zlatan at Work

Watch the full first episode of Zlatan@Work by clicking on the image. 
Video Credit: Vitamin Well
Zlatan Ibrahimović is the ambassador for the Swedish beverage Vitamin Well since December 2014 and has done several campaigns with them. Just recently, Vitamin Well launched a series of short videos on Youtube called Zlatan @ Work. In the first episode, Zlatan takes the role as a hiring manager and does a job interview with Philip, who is not really prepared to be interviewed by the Swedish soccer star. 
For more information about Vitamin Well, visit their website

Internship Applications Are Open!

The internship applications for fall 2016 are now open! The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (SACC-LA) is looking for four self-motivated and driven interns focused on different key areas. The internships have a duration of 6-12 months, beginning in July 2016.
"Being an intern at SACC-LA is really an amazing opportunity, where you'll get the chance to learn and grow in an exciting and inspiring environment that constantly keeps you motivated to do better. No day is like the other in the "Entertainment capital of the World", there is always something going on that will challenge you in a new way, which makes it impossible to get bored here."

— Caroline Gustavsson Adlercreutz, PR & Communications Marketing Manager, Spring 2016
Photo Credit: Vendela Samuelsson
For more information about the internships and to apply, click on the button below.
Apply Here

"Headshot Happy Hour" with Maria Tornberg

Your profile photo is the first impression people will get of you. Whether you are an actor, singer, real estate agent, producer, banker or lawyer, your image represents you and you represent your brand thus it is crucial for your business that your image speaks louder than words. When people see your image they will instinctively gather information about you, your business, who you are and what you do. That’s why it’s so important that you have a clear vision of what your brand represents. For the actor, the headshot is the number one most important tool. The headshot will tell the casting director what characters you play, it will even reveal how professional and experienced you are. You need to be clear about your looks, understand your unique essence and the parts you will most likely play. How you present yourself and your brand visually is incredibly important for your career because after all, you are selling something; you.
- Maria Tornberg
On March 22, SACC-LA and Photographer Maria Tornberg are giving you an exclusive opportunity to meet up with casting director Dominika Posseren (Hostel, The Eye, Crank, The Devil Inside), producer Gudrun Giddings and makeup artist Elin Andersson to go over the importance of a having a good headshot, and of course how to take a good headshot. Those who are attending this evening will also get the opportunity to take part of an exclusive "Headshot Happy Hour" offer, with 50% off on headshots with Maria, also including; 3 different looks, Hair & Makeup, Image Consulting & Styling and 3 free retouches. 
What: A conversation with photographer, casting director, makeup artist and producer that will help guide you on how to get a great headshot. 
Where: Bodega Wine Bar, 814 Broadway, Santa Monica
When: Tuesday March 22nd. 5.30 PM - 8PM (Bodega's Happy Hour 5-7 PM)
Who: Photographer Maria Tornberg, casting director Dominika Posseren, Producer Gudrun Giddings and makeup artist Elin Andersson.

NOTE: This event is 21 and over. 
Photo Credit: Maria Tornberg

Alicia Vikander; A Winner

Click on the image to watch the clip.
Video Courtesy of TV4
Alicia Vikander has been on a real streak of success lately with several nominations and wins of prestigious awards. But many of you might not know that Alicia was a winner already when she was a young girl! Alicia won the Swedish competition "Little Stars" ("SmÃ¥stjärnorna" in Swedish) when she was only eight years old. She had an amazing charisma and did an emotional performance and she was already certain she wanted to become an actress when she grew up. She is a perfect example of how determination and belief can take you anywhere!

Sweden's Annual 90 km Ski Race - Vasaloppet

Click on the image to watch the clip.
Watch the video clip for amazing captures from Vasaloppet!
Video Courtesy of
The famous ski race Vasaloppet attracted almost 16 000 contestants in the 90 kilometre ski run from Sälen to Mora last Sunday, March 6th. The run, which has come to be a real festive event with almost two million television viewers, has been an annual Swedish tradition ever since its start in 1922. But the history of Vasaloppet actually goes back even further than that. The first tour from Sälen to Mora was actually skied by the famous Gustav Vasa, who later came to be the first king of Sweden, already in 1521 when he fled Danish invaders on skis. This year’s winner was John Kristian Dahl from Norway, who skied the distance in four hours and eight minutes.
Read more about the race here!

LA Fashion Week

Photo Courtesy of LA Fashion Week 
LA Fashion Week is coming up next week! Showing some of the best award-winning talents from all over the world, LAFW will usher in the next generation of rule breaking designers and remain a place for brands you know and love. Over 40 emerging, established and internationally renowned designers will take the runway to create a unique, creative and innovative fashion experience.
Check out the schedule, the designers and much more on LAFW's webpage

Music and Life

Click on the image to see the clip.
Video Courtesy of seandulac/youtube
In this video a music composition is compared to life. It's explained that the end of a music composition is not the point of the composition, and it's the same thing about life. We spend our entire lives chasing success; in work, in family or whatever you are aiming for. However, when you're at the end, when you've reached your goal, you might realize that you've missed the entire point of chasing it.

This short animated video, narrated by Allan Watts, is encouraging you to not forget to enjoy your life. Chasing dreams is a beautiful thing, but one should not become so focused on the destination that one forgets to enjoy the journey.

Visit Stockholm with SAS

Photo Credit: Werner Nystrand/Folio/
For too long, travelers on the West Coast have been unable to get on a non-stop flight to Sweden's capital. This will not be a problem anymore as SACC-LA's member SAS will launch their non-stop flight between Los Angeles and Stockholm on Monday, March 14th! Finally you can come and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Scandinavia without having to change flights. Stockholm offers everything from medieval relics to all the amenities of a modern large urban area. Take the chance to explore the city's eight centuries of history or its lakes, beaches and many islands. SAS has a brief travel guide with tips, top picks from Stockholm's diverse food scene, thrilling night life and sites to see in the beautiful archipelago.

To the right: SACC-LA’s executive vice president
Kim Swartz and SAS’s Sales Manager Joy Skaardal.
Photo Credit: Kerstin Alm  
Check out the travel guide here, and get started planning your trip to Stockholm today!

Don't Miss IKEA's Swedish Easter Smörgårbord

The more the merrier is a commonly used expression, which comes to life in aiFi’s concept of Stackable Speekers! SACC-LA member aiFi’s stackable speakers are a new innovation from Värmland, Sweden that now is entering the world market! One single unit is enough to fill the room with excellent sound, but adding more units will increase the greatness! Stacking several aiFi’s together gives a louder, better sound, this in front of the TV, on the beach or for a party on the patio. The Bluetooth compatible speaker is easy to use, which makes it perfect to bring along and use anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
“We want the social part of music listening back, where friends and family gather and listen to music together. Meet, stack and boost the listening experience in ways never done before“, says Fredrik Gunnarsson, the CEO and The Sound Wizard behind aiFi. aiFi’s Scandinavian-inspired design is a great example of form and function working together. The initial design idea had two main objectives; to be stylish enough to fit in well in a living room yet rugged enough to invite the user to bring the unit along.
Besides from the fact that the aiFi is equipped with rubber feet and aiFi Coins to make the units stack securely, the surface of the aiFis also collectively add up and pushes the actual bass performance deeper and deeper the larger stack you make. Stack them either sideways or on top of each other and the result will give you not only louder sound but the overall sound quality will also increase.
The aiFi speaker communicates with each other at the speed of light, utilizing Wave Dotâ„¢ Communication Technology. This ensures that the sound is distributed between the units without any losses in a timely manner across several hundred units. Using their intelligence, the units calculate and decide how to best shape the optimal sound scape for you. Each speaker is tuned to handle the deepest bass possible, with balanced and smooth mid and high frequency performance. One aiFi can definitely deliver firm punchy bass that is beyond what you would think was physically possible, but when you stack them together, that is when the magic happens!
All pictures in this segment are courtesy of aiFi. 
For more information about aiFi, visit their webpage

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Swedish Words We Should Incorporate

Best Podcast Episodes of 2015

Photo Credit: Simon Paulin/
Photo Credit: Ulf Huett Nilsson/
Swedes have a habit of inventing new words for the new circumstances occasioned by new technologies and then commonly use them in their everyday language. Here are 14 invented words that are quite funny and oddly useful in any language.
By the end of 2015, there were more than 300,000 podcasts in the world. This list, constructed by The Timbre, ranks them according to their exemplary craftsmanship and entertainment value. It also includes the best episodes of the best podcasts of 2015! 

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