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Gudrun Giddings

Hej Alla,

Hope you are enjoying another sunny and hot week in Los Angeles, as we understand that Sweden just received its first snow ! One of the highlights of living in LA is probably the Southern California “life style”, sunny and warm all year around, beaches that go on for miles and of course all the wonderful and creative people from all over the world that live in LA.
One of Sweden’s up and coming golf pros, Pontus Widegren is mentioning that LA is one of the perfect cities to play golf in, as the weather is indeed usually very nice. Also, great to learn that Pontus’ dream was and still is to become, the best golfer player in the world. He is certainly on his way…
You can read more about Pontus in this weeks Finally Friday.
May one of your dreams to come true, today  ;-)  

          Happy Friday !!
          Gudrun Giddings
          President of SACC-LA



Sweden's First Snow

The first snowflakes have fallen in Kiruna

Photo published in Norrbottens Kuriren 09-21-2014

The first snow for the season has fallen and summer has come to a definite end in Kiruna. The residents of the northern town were greeted with a blanket of white snow on Sunday morning, september 21st.

Kiruna is located in northern Sweden, almost as north as you can come. Traditionally the towns located in the north experiences the chill a bit earlier than the rest of the country. Up in Malmfälten, first snow can come early, but it will disappear. The ground is so warm, it melts away, says Kurirens weather blogger Sivert Mässing.

According to Therese Fougman, meteorologist at SMHI then came the 5.3 millimeters of rain overnight Saturday to Sunday in Gällivare, and another 1.5 after eight o'clock on Sunday

morning. Esrange in Kiruna measured 3.8 millimeters up during the night.Esrange however measured 1 cm of snow up on Sunday morning, according to SMHI's website. 

It will not get any new snow in the near future, at least not in Kiruna and Gällivare. Although, in the mountains we can get more, in Riksgränsen for example. 

Therese Fougman also believes that it is not rare to snow this time of year - what is remarkable is that it was so hot for a week ago. The cover came almost from one day to another.

Inspired and translated from "Säsongens första snö" by Oskar Ahlqvist, published in Norrbottens Kuriren, 09-21-2014

The Angels Will Soon be in Sweden

The successful American brand Victoria's Secret opens in Stockholm

Victoria's Secret models Candice Swanepoel & Erin Heatherton on the catwalk with their angel wings! Photo: Timoty A. Clary, Getty Images. 

In March 2013 Fastighetsvärlden reviled that the well-known chain, that sells lingerie and beauty products were checking out downtown Stockholm. Fotis Kalamatianos, at Agora Trading, who has the rights for Victoria's Secret, said that Stockholm was an appropriate place for a new store.

"In my judgment it may be appropriate with a store in central Stockholm by the end of 2014, but we haven't started looking for premises yet so I will not say anything for certain", said Fotis Kalamatianos. Although, now it looks like the store will open even earlier than expected, because Victoria’s Secret is currently deconstructing and decorating the new store that for certain will open close to the popular mall NK in central Stockholm. 

The concept of the store will be "Beauty & Accessories” and it will only sell a few chosen products, and focus more on cosmetics and accessories than on lingerie.

The current building for the store, is situated at the corner Hamngatan and Regeringsgatan, and owned by the Swedish company Vasakronan. The real estate company has for a long time struggled to fill up the vacant space. Victoria's Secret already has two smaller stores in Sweden, one at the Arlanda airport and one at Landvetter airport (both opened in 2013), but this is the first time they open on a different location than in an international airport.

Inspired and translated from "Klart med Victoria’s Secret till Stockholm" by Fastighetsvärlden, published: 08-22-2014

Pontus Widegren - A Professional Golfer

From Sweden to UCLA to the European Challenge Tour

Have you ever had a dream when you were a kid? Pontus Widegren had a dream, it started in his garden in Danderyd, Stockholm, when he was swinging his golf club for the first time, in his diaper. He wanted to become the best golf player in the world.

Pontus played golf during his childhood, but it was first when he was fourteen years old that his eye caught the idea of college in the US. ”I was playing for the national team in Sweden, and all of the really good guys, the ones that were older than me, that I looked up to - were all playing college golf - so I knew, that was what I wanted to do too”. Pontus wanted to be good, and he knew that college would be a great opportunity both for his golf career as well as for his educational career.

In 2009 Pontus got a scholarship and moved to Los Angeles and started what was going to be the next four years of his life at UCLA, where the weather is perfect for golf all year around. ”It’s the best thing I’ve ever decided to do - the University is academically challenging as well as the people there are very focused and inspiring, since many of them are just like me - hoping to become the best at their sport."

After four years at UCLA Pontus became a professional golfer and got on the European Challenge Tour right away.

                   Source: Getty Images

"I had my final exam on a Thursday and on Friday I was on my way to Munich for my first competition as a professional. I wasn't entirely finished with school so I played golf during the days, and finished my last assignments during the nights."

Today, Pontus is playing on the European Challenge Tour and his goal for this year is to get to the European Tour. "I'm currently ranked 24 and I have to become ranked 15 in order to move up a step." There are still five competitions left, the first one is in Rome, after that, there will be two in China, then one in Oman and then the final will be in Dubai. "I'm really looking forward for the competitions, but now, while I'm home I have to fix all the visas for the trips, work on my game, meet my family and friends and also plan the rest of the season.” 

The SACC-LA team wishes Pontus good luck! 
You can follow Pontus success here

Pay it Forward Labs

Remember to join us on Monday night at the Victorian!

This is a reminder that Santa Monica’s biggest monthly mentor event, Pay it Forward Labs, invites you to their September event with ”Funding” as theme. It will be an evening with mingeling, live music, an email marketing class and much more! 

The ”Funding” event will be at the beautiful Victorian,  2640 Main Street, Santa Monica on Monday September 29th, 2014, 6 pm. - 10 pm. Hope to meet you there! 

Get tickets here and choose "Next 150 tickets”, enter the code "VIP" for a 100% discount! 

 Photo of Adam Söderlund and Jessica Mansourati at a Pay it Forward event last year.

SACC-LA will be there representing this year too, so please come and join us!

International Coastal Cleaning Day

A day for protecting and preserving our oceans

Photo: "Sea ocean underwater HD wallpaper"

Last Saturday, Sept 20th marked one of my favorite days of the year, International Coastal Cleanup Day. Worldwide, it's a great day of action and community where people join forces in an effort to protect and preserve what I'm most passionate about, our oceans. What began in 1986 as a small number of volunteers at the Texas coastline has expanded to be a global effort in less than 3 decades. Last year, 648,015 participants in more than 90 countries picked up more than 12.3 million pounds of trash along 12,914 miles. This year in LA, thousands united as one community to clean up our beaches and waterways.

Heal the Bay (a local organization aimed at conservation and education for our oceans), worked with the California Coastal Commission to organize a cleanup in LA. Through this organization, 11,555 volunteers removed 30,480 pounds of trash at 49 locations, spanning 42.5 miles. Over the past 25 years, Heal the Bay has collected more than 1.7 million pounds of trash on Coastal Cleanup Day.

In Santa Monica, the largest site in L.A. County, a line of volunteers across the sand blotted out sight of the shoreline within 15 minutes of the official starting time. In Redondo, about a dozen divers were able to free four octopuses and 100 crabs from tangled fishing line under the pier. Every year, volunteers report finding a wide range of unusual items you'd never expect to end up in our oceans.

This day does not only focus on coastal areas, but inland waterways as well. At the Compton Creek location, there has been major 

improvement in the creek’s ecosystem over the past 10 years as a result of Coastal Cleanup Day. Removing the trash has allowed wildlife to come back after years of nothing but refuse and cement in the creek bed.

A spokesperson for Heal the Bay emphasizes that education remains the lasting benefit of International Coastal Cleanup Day. Although we can't possible pick up all the trash there is out there, after a single morning clean up on the beach thousands become inspired to take steps in their daily lives to better protect and preserve our beaches and waterways.

Heal the Bay says it's clear that many residents of LA still have no clue how the storm drain system works. Once site captains explain how urban runoff carries pollution directly to local beaches, they say you can almost see a change in participants' behavior.

Cigarette butts are the number one item picked up at beach cleanups, and many are mistaken that this is a result of people on boardwalks and bike paths. In reality, these are the cigarette butts that people flick out of their car in inland areas such as downtown, Beverly Hills, etc that end up in our storm drains and find their way to sea.

International Coastal Cleanup Day and year round beach clean ups are a great way to educate the public on how much of the trash on our beaches and in our oceans doesn't come from beachgoers. Both inland and coastal, we’re all connected by these streams and creeks that flow into the ocean.

Written by: Vanessa Wonn, Young Professional at SACC-LA


Swedish traditional gourmet meals in Los Angeles!

Mustard Herring & Leksansknäcke
House Made Gravlax, Cucumber & Dill

Gravlax is the cozy restaurant in Culver City that serves Swedish and Turkish Cuisine. We have been here for over six months now and we are very happy to have celebrated our first half birthday in Los Angeles!

Be sure to swing by for a drink during happy hour, 5 pm - 7 pm every day, and/or enjoy their mustard herring or some house made gravlax. At Gravlax you have the opportunity to enjoy great cuisine in a comfortable environment, sometimes with a black and white movie on the big screen in the background. 

Address: 12400 W. Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066, contact gravlax on: 310.390.WINE or e-mail:

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