A Word From the President

Gudrun Giddings

Hej Alla,

Hope all of you had a nice holiday and a happy New Year !! 
We really kicked of the first week back with a bang as some of our wonderful marketing managers and a few SACC-LA members got to be part of  the very popular Swedish radiostation Mix Megapol’s “Änligen Morgon”, that was sending their radio show live from Los Angeles this past week.
And as you can read further down, we have some great talent here in LA. Camilla Hassvik, a student at Santa Monica College, was awarded a prestigious price in NYC and we also say welcome to new member and realtor, Vanessa Glanzmann. You can also renew your SACC-LA membership or become a member before January 15th and we will pay your first month of the membership.
The Swedish Film, “Force Majeure” is nominated for a Golden Globes in the category, best foreign film and there is a panel with filmmaker Ruben Ã–stlund, tomorrow Saturday January 10th in Hollywood. All of our members are welcome to attend. Please RSVP to the link below.
Get in shape during our free Krav Maga event on Thursday or treat yourself to one or more of the excellent Scandinavian films, screening at the Scandinavian Film Festival here in LA next weekend.  We will have more about the festival next Friday and in the meantime you can find the full schedule and information in this weeks newsletter.  
Sweden loves their Royal Family so it’s not a surprise that the TV program about the Swedish Royal Family and their life in 2014, is the most watched show on SVTplay. You can watch it free until February 5th 2015.
I am excited to get started this New Year as 2015 have already started of with lots of good fortune and happiness. It will be a fantastic year and I am looking forward to sharing in your, our members, success and prosperity !! 

          Happy Friday !!
          Gudrun Giddings
          President of SACC-LA


Holiday Offer Still Stands

SACC-LA pays for one month - sign up before January 15th

This year's holiday gift is still available! If you sign up for a membership, or renew your old membership before January 15th 2015, SACC-LA will pay for your first month!! The membership starts from when one signs up/or renew and 12 months forward!

Take this chance and become a member today - there are lots of different membership opportunities to take part in - take a closer look at them on our website!

For more information about memberships and this fantastic Gift, call or mail our Membership Manager Andreas Forsman +1 (424) 270 3042,

We're looking forward to see you during 2015!

Äntligen Morgon in LA

SACC-LA got invited to Mix Megapol's morning show

Praktikant Malin, PetroNella Edwardzon, Anders Timell, Andreas Forsman, Fia Cristoferson & Gry Forssell
The "Äntligen Morgon team together with Andreas Forsman and PetroNella Edwardzon in the studio during "Duellen"

This week the popular Swedish morning show ”Äntligen Morgon” with Mix Megapol has been airing their show from LA. Gry Forssell, Anders Timell and ”Praktikant Malin” was here for a few days and interviewed Swedes in LA, among others Anine Bing, Filip Hammar and Per Hallberg.

During the days they spent here, SACC-LA was invited and on wednesday night (Thursday morning in Sweden) our great Marketing Managers PetroNella Edwardzon and Andreas Forsman got to compete in Ӏntligen Morgon’s” 

daily challenge ”Duellen”. Our SACC-LA 

Marketing Manager Fia Cristoferson was also there to eternalize the event here in Finally Friday and on Social Media with words and photos.

We all had a lot of fun and everyone in team SACC-LA and we would like to thank all of the nice people in the Ӏntligen Morgon” team for inviting us!

Listen to the show here (in Swedish) and read about their adventures in LA on facebook

The year with the Royal Family of Sweden

"Ã…ret med Kungafamiljen" - most watched show on

The Royal Family in Swedish national costumes
Princess Leonore & her cousin Princess Estelle
This documentary is the most watched on SVT Play right now - "Ã…ret med Kungafamiljen". 

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill tells Sweden about their parenting and their future plans in an exclusive interview from Solliden on the Swedish island Ã–land. Prince Carl Philip and Sofia tells of their engagement and how it was to meet the in-laws for the first time. It also includes many more personal interviews with the entire royal family pictures from official assignments both in Sweden and abroad.

Watch the documentary on svtplay for FREE before February 5th, 2015
The Swedish Royal Family - Chris O,Neill, Princess Madeleine & little princess Leonore, Daniel Westling, Crown Princess Victoria & little princess Estelle, Prince Carl-Philip, Sofia Hellqvist, Queen Silvia & King Carl XVI Gustaf 


Saturday, January 10 - 1:00 PM - Egyptian Theatre
Please come for a FREE panel discussion with directors of the Golden Globe Best Foreign-Language Film Nominees, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. This seminar will also stream online. Click here to watch.

The following directors are confirmed to appear: Andrey Zvyagintsev, Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz, Zaza Urushadze, Pawel Pawlikowski, and Ruben Östlund.

A reception for the entire audience will follow the symposium. This is a free event, but we encourage you to RSVP to secure your seat. Doors will open at 11am. Click here to RSVP for the symposium.

Krav Maga for @ System Training Center

Learn Self Defense & Get In Amazing Shape

The 16th Scandinavian Film Festival L.A.

January, 2015 - Writers Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills

The 16th Annual Scandinavian Film Festival L.A. comes to the Writers Guild Theater, Beverly Hills over two weekends: January 17, 18, 24, 25, 2015. Part of  the "winter film season" build up to awards - SFFLA was launched in 2000, offering a program of films from the top of Europe, showcasing Nordic films and filmmakers, with as many as possible of the Nordic Oscar submissions in the context of current feature, documentary and short films--  and now with a bonus Baltic component of select films from around the Baltic neighborhood including.  Starting in 2014 with BALTIC FILM EXPO @SFFLA the festival initiated cinematic offerings from the three Baltic nations - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Read more on their website
Look up the schedule for the film festival here

Camilla Hassvik

Honorable mentioned in â€PAVE’s 20th Annual Student Design Competition”

Camilla Hassvik, Swedish Student at Santa Monica College

SACC-LA had the great opportunity to meet Camilla Hassvik, a young woman studying at Santa Monica Collage, and just won an award for her impressing results. Who are you and what made you come to Los Angeles and Santa Monica Collage to study?

My name is Camilla Hassvik, I am 25 years old and born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. My interest for design started already during my early years and that interest have been a motivation and have inspired me to be were I'm at today.

I have a fashion background and got my high school exam in the industrial fashion design program at Design Gymnasiet, Stockholm. During my second year in high school I started to intern for an exclusive Interior brand called Kamelo International, and since that day I started a new journey going more towards interior design and started to leave fashion behind. 

I spent 6,5 years of my carrier working for Kamelo. I’ve traveled the world to meet the factories to quality check products and to come up with new designs.I loved my job and had really made myself a future within the interior field in Sweden.

In the end of 2012 my boyfriend Fredrik Loving got a job opportunity to open up a DICE studio here in LA. It was a tough decision for me to leave everything behind that I had built up in Sweden, but I never regret for a second that we chose to move here to LA. 


Fredrik Loving and Camilla Hassvik

The move to LA changed my life in many ways. I left my life in Sweden were I already had my career, family and friends, and here in LA I had to start over. 

That was how I ended up going back to school. I knew that Interior Design was the right field for me, I just did not know were to start since I was starting over in a new country. 

I wanted to make sure that I had all the knowledge that this city was expecting of me, and it was also a way for me to perfect my English in order to pursue my dreams here in Los Angeles.

Today I am so glad that I made the decision of going back to school, because without it I would probably never have had all these good experiences that I have. 

This is what i have accomplished so far trough my 3 semesters at SMC:

  • 2014 - won The Honorable Mention Award in the Visual Merchandising category of PAVE's Student Design Competition, sponsored by REI. Received award at the 20th Pave Gala in new york.
  • 2014 - competed on behalf of Santa Monica College in the RDI (retail design institute) Design Charette
  • 2013 - competed on behalf of Santa Monica College in the IIDA Design Charette
  • 2013 - Deans Honer list 

What is it that you study? Interior Architectural Program at SMC - Santa Monica College. I will receive my Interior Architectural Design Certificate of Achievement and The Set Design and Art Direction for Film and TV Department Certificate, after spring semester 2015.

How is it to be a Swede on Santa Monica Collage? I have not noticed any bigger differences with being a swede at SMC. My closest friends in school are americans even though there is a lot of swedes at my program. I have consciously made friends with some of my American classmates to keep challenging myself to practice my english but also to force myself to adapt faster to the American culture. 

I’ve learned to ask many questions since the language sometimes can be a barrier, but other then that I see myself as any other student in school.

You’ve recently won a mention in a competition called ”PAVE’s 20th Annual Student Design Competition” - could you tell me a little about the competition? This annual competition is geared toward college-level students involved in retail planning, visual merchandising, and branding programs. 

The competition’s design challenges consist of a visual merchandising category and a store design category and provide an excellent opportunity for students to obtain real-life retail design experience. 

I submitted in the Visual Merchandise category trough one of my classes in school. We did the PAVE competition as one of our school assignments and all of us in the class had to submit for the real competition.

This class assignment ended up with me being chosen to win the honorable mention award in this competition. I was therefore invited to attend the 18th Annual PAVE Gala in New York to receive my award. 

“The Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) held its 18th Annual Gala Wednesday, Dec. 3, in New York City, raising a record $300,000 to support design education and to offer scholarships for emerging leaders in the retail design and visual merchandising industry. The high-energy event attracted 850 influential retailers, designers and industry suppliers such as Ralph Lauren, Macy’s/Bloomingdale’s, Target, Chute Gerdeman, Bernstein Display, Fleetwood, Callison and Amuneal. 

PAVE is a non-profit educational partnership for students in the retail environments industry and was founded to foster development in merchandising and retail design and planning. The Gala benefits PAVE’s educational program, showcases select student work and honors industry talent.” 

The Annual PAVE competitions have people submitting from all across the United States (and if i remember the facts right I believe that they said that over 20 states and had submitted for this years competition). They also mentioned during the gala in New York that they never had have this many submissions before. 

This year the competition had REI as their main sponsor. 

The Visual merchandise competition was to create a new innovative inspirational Camp department for REI’s current customer while trying to attract active outdoor millennials.

The camp department was supposed to contain three Shop-in-Shop experiences. Each of the shops should be different enough from one another while maintaining a solid connection to the overall look and feel of the Camp Department. The use of various heights of fixtures, unique display elements and varied presentation is encouraged. Sq footage for entire camp shop is 3500-4000 sq ft.

There are prizes in two different categories: Store Design Category

1st Place - $5,000 – Katie Costa, University of Cincinnati
2nd Place - $2,500 – Jessica Li, Fashion Institute of Technology
3rd Place - $1,500 – Asa Bollvik, Fashion Institute of Technology
Honorable Mention - $500 – Lora Child, University of Cincinnati

and Visual Merchandising Category

1st Place - $5,000 – Kylie O’Keefe, University of Cincinnati

2nd Place - $2,500 – Samantha Moscarino, University of Cincinnati
3rd Place - $1,500 – Hannah Clark, University of Cincinnati
Honorable Mention - $500 – Camilla Hassvik, Santa Monica College

You won an ”Honorable Mention” in the ”Visual Merchandising Category”, what does that mean?I placed as nr 4 in there Visual merchandise Category. This year’s winners faced a competitive field of over 500 entries, including 400 plus in the overall store design category.


When will you graduate and what is your plan for the future? I will receive my Interior Architectural Design Certificate of Achievement and The Set Design and Art Direction for Film and TV Department Certificate, in the end of spring semester 2015. Im not sure yet if I will continue study for an AA degree or if I'm gonna try to trough myself out there to start practice my knowledge. So if someone out there see me as valuable for there firm, feel free to contact me :)

What are the best things about LA and Sweden? Do you want to stay in LA? Sweden will always be close to my heart, specially since I have all my friends and family there which I love dearly. There is nothing like a swedish summer night, it is something magical that happens in Sweden during the summer months, and that is the reason why Stockholm is one of my favorite city to visit during summer.. 

I don't think that I ever will get tired of LA. It is literally the city of opportunities. It has no boundaries and nothing feels impossible. You just need to work hard for your dreams, and I am ready to do it! I have no plans to leave LA at the moment. Home is were my heart is, and right now it is in LA. 

Forty New Entries in Sweden's 2014 Word List

The famous "usie" with Ellen DeGeneres

The word wizards at the Swedish Language Council have revealed that there were 14 new words taken up by the Swedish language during 2014, explaining new phenomena from taking snaps to giving away TV show plots.

Every year, the folks at the Swedish Language Council (Språkrådet) publish a list of new, popular, or topical words of the year.

In 2014 they include "usie", which is apparently a self portrait photo (or selfie) taken with a group. Perhaps the best known "usie" is the one featuring Ellen DeGeneres and her actor friends at the Academy Award ceremony 2014.

Several other words were clearly derivatives of English words that have cropped up recently in the digital age, including "spoilervarning" (or spoiler warning), referring to when someone is 

about to give away key plot details in a book or film, and "selfiepinnen", the new gadget allowing photographers to extend their reach and take better "selfies" (or "usies" perhaps).

Another word with English etymology is "yoloa", which stems from the English acronym yolo, meaning You Only Live Once. Adding an a to the end of the word allows Swedes to use it as a verb. 

Those spacebar lazy Swedes also added several compound words as new single words, including "frisparkssprej", or literally "free-kick spray", used to mark where defenders can stand during free kicks in football matches. Another was "mobilzombie", a person using their mobile phone with such focus that they've become like a zombie to the rest of the world.

Read about the full list in Swedish here.
Reported from on tuesday, January 6, 2015

Vanessa Glanzmann

Realtor in LA

I am very pleased to have joined the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles! Having grown up in Stockholm and speaking Swedish fluently, I feel excited to be able to be part of this organization. 

Being a fully trained and licensed Realtor working together with Coldwell Banker in Santa Monica and the Westside, I would be pleased to assist

you with any questions you may have regarding real estate. My office is in Santa Monica, but I am licensed to work in all of Southern California.  I can also, upon request, refer you to great agents in all of the United States and internationally.I look forward to meeting many of you soon!

Best Regards,
Vanessa Glanzmann

Coldwell Banker Residential Santa Monica & Westside
Cell: 310-9232113
Office: 310-8293939
CalBRE# 01956435

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