A Word From the President

Gudrun Giddings

Hej Alla,

Thank you all for coming out to Gravlax yesterday evening !! There were so many happy people that I believe we were actually well over capacity but it seemed to be ok with everyone. Also a very special thanks to our collaborators and SACC-LA member companies;  Gravlax, Film Festival Flix and Odd Molly. Further down you can find out who won the beautiful cardigan from Odd Molly and tickets to the U.S. premiere of the Swedish film, “Återträffen” . Plus everyone attending was a winner last night, thanks to the nice beach bag we all received from Odd Molly. I am already looking forward to the next “Finally Friday Live”.

Swedish film keeps trending as we can proudly report that Swedish actress and movie star Ingrid Bergman’s portrait is featured on the official poster for the 68th Cannes Film Festival. The Swedish Film Institute also announced this week that Stig Björkman’s film ” Ingrid Bergman, In Her Own Words” will screen at the festival, starting May 13th in France. Ingrid Bergman was nominated seven times for an Academy Award and won three Oscars and she is probably best known for playing the female lead in one of my favorite films, ”Casablanca”.

As you know SACC-LA are collaborating with Team Sweden, who is coming here to sunny Los Angeles in July to compete in the Special Olympics World Games 2015. This will be the largest sporting event in the U.S. this year and SACC-LA is already planning lots of fun activities to cheer and welcome these great athletes to LA!! Please read a little more about the Special Olympics and Team Sweden below as I promise this will be a win-win event for everyone that both support and attend. 

“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.”  - Wayne Gretzky

          Happy Friday !!

          Gudrun Giddings
          President of SACC-LA


Last Evenings Finally Friday Live at Gravlax


We want to thank everyone who showed up at Gravlax yesterday for our event. The place was packed and the mood was cheerful and fun! Odd Molly was present and had some great give aways in form of beach bags and other cool stuff. Don't forget that they have their awesome pop up store in Venice open a couple of weeks more! And this weekend they are offering 10 % off to all Finally Friday subscribers! 

Some of the lovely appetizers served during the evening. Photo credits: Mathilda Tennysdotter

Besides the nice give aways, Odd Molly also had one of their amazing signature cardigans raffled out to all the attendees. Everyone who was at the event have been eagerly waiting for the winner to be announced, so without further ado, congratulations Christine Hals! 

Victoria Jonsson of Odd Molly and SACC-LA's Madeleine Gustâv. Photo credits: Mathilda Tennysdotter

Film Festival Flix were also kind enough to raffle out two tickets to their exclusive screening of Anna Odell's "The Reunion", and to that we would like to congratulate Emily Johnston who turned out to be the lucky winner!

Of course we have to mention the amazing appetizers served by Gravlax, ranging from various herrings and fresh shrimps to Turkish vegetarian tapas, some of them served on the heavenly, authentic Swedish

Emily Johnston, Christian Wennberg and Nathalie Söderqvist enjoying themselves at Gravlax. Photo credits: Kerstin Alm

crisp bread. We had a talk to Magnus Stefanson, co-owner of Gravlax, and he gave us his take on why he thinks the Swedish cuisine works in L.A.. "I think it’s about 


Gravlax co-owner Magnus Stefanson in the bar. 
Photo credits: Mathilda Tennysdotter

the freshness, and also that we use a lot of local produced. Then in New York Scandinavian food is very popular." People at the event got to taste a few of the specialties the restaurant has to offer. But they have much more that Magnus also makes sure to recommend. "The gravlax, obviously... Hehe, no but Gravlax for sure. Smoked trout for sure. We have a Lobster role, which is maybe the one that is not so Swedish. But then again who, in Sweden, hasn't chop up a lobster and put it in a bun? I mean someone must have done that at some point. The lobster role is amazing.

Chiara Mescolin, Andrea Grava and Alex Amorelli at the event. 
Photo credits: Mathilda Tennysdotter

Having been in L.A. for a while now, Magnus has gotten to know his way around a bit, even though the restaurant takes up a lot of his time. We asked him what he would do If he only had one afternoon left to spend in LA? â€œI would probably go up to Point Dume and swim. It’s up the coast from Santa Monica. Spend the afternoon with a barbecue and some hula-hula dancers. But If I weren’t feeling quite as adventures I could go to the Erwin Hotel’s rooftop bar in Venice. You can see all of the Westside, the ocean is right there and the sunset creates a great view.” 

SACC-LA members SwedCakes also dropped by and had brought amazing complimentary truffles for dessert. Photo credits: Mathilda Tennysdotter


We want to thank all of you who attended and everyone who made it possible to arrange this event. We hope that if you didn't have the possibility to join us this time, you'll be around for the next one!



Film Festival Flix invites you to screening of 
"The Reunion" with Director/Writer Anna Odell

After winning numerous of prizes, including a Guldbagge (Sweden's version of the Oscars) for best film, Anna Odell is coming to Los Angeles for a screening of her film, "The Reunion". Join Film Festival Flix at this great opportunity to see one of the most talked about film in Sweden in recent years.

Anna Odell has been praised time and time again in Sweden for her film "The Reunion" (Ã…terträffen) where she balances on a line between understanding, vengeance and confrontation as she meets up with her childhood bullies, 20 years later.

Film Festival Flix now offers the opportunity to see the film, ONE NIGHT ONLY, on Thursday, April 9th. Anna Odell herself will graciously join the evening, including a Q&A after the screening.

Anna Odell receiving her Guldbagge for best film. Photo credit: TT/Metro

One night only!
Thursday, April 9th
Laemmle Noho 7
5240 Lankershim Blvd, LA 91601

Purchase tickets:
Price $14 Online or at the door

6.00 pm Free Wine & Beer
Reception at Michael Roud Photography Studio (11223 Magnolia Blvd, 91601)


7.30 pm Screening + Q&A with Anna Odell, Director/Writer

9.30 pm Gathering at Eclectic Wine Bar & Grill

Ingrid Bergman on the Official Cannes Poster

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ingrid Bergman. One of the world’s truly great film stars, her portrait is featured on the official poster for the 68th Cannes Film Festival. Furthermore, Cannes veteran Stig Björkman’s film "Ingrid Bergman, in Her Own Words" ("Jag är Ingrid") is set to screen at the festival, and two Swedish musicians have been chosen to compose the music to accompany the poster. Other film stars who have graced the poster in recent years include Marilyn Monroe, Monica Vitti and Faye Dunaway.

Stig Björkman has directed the documentary "Ingrid Bergman, in Her Own Words" about the seven-time nominated and three-time Oscar-winning star. The film marks the fourth time that Stig Björkman has had work selected for the Cannes Film Festival. He has worked for over fifty years with world-wide famous screen legends such as Ingmar Bergman, Liv Ullmann, Harriet Andersson and Bibi Andersson.

The film has been made with input from Ingrid Bergman’s four children: Isabella, Roberto and Ingrid "Isotta" Rossellini and Pia Lindström. The voice of Ingrid Bergman is provided by Alicia Vikander (A Royal Affair,Anna Karenina, Ex Machina). The score is by Michael Nyman (The Piano, The Cook, the Thief, his Wife & her Lover) with a contribution by Eva Dahlgren (one of Sweden’s most well-known and beloved singer-songwriters),who has also been assistant cinematographer for the film. 
The Cannes Film Festival runs 13-24 May.

Original press release: Svenska Filminstitutet


Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles
July 25th 2015

2011 Special Olympics World Games Opening Ceremony in Athens, Greece

The inspiring Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015 will take place on Saturday, July 25, 2015 in the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the only venue in the world to host two Olympiads (1932 and 1984), two Super Bowls (I and VII) and one World Series (1959).  The star-studded show will celebrate the true stars of the Games - the athletes of Special Olympics - with exciting entertainment, the Parade of Athletes and the culmination of the Final Leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run and lighting of the Special Olympics cauldron. Broadcast internationally by ESPN, fans around the world will be able to participate in this memorable start to the World Games!
Text and Photo credits:
More information about Team Sweden

Scandinavia was proudly representing at the Special Olympics World Game International lunch meeting this past week in LA.

 Joni Sighvatsson - Honorary Consul of Iceland, Linda Bragadottir - Honorary Vice Consul of Iceland, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, SACC-LA’s President Gudrun Giddings and Jussi Salonen, commercial attaché from Finland.


SACC-LA are looking for new Marketing Managers

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (SACC-LA) is looking for four self-motivated and driven interns focused on different key areas. This is a 6-12 month internship beginning in July 2015. Application deadline is March 31st!

SACC-LA is the #1 preferred network in Los Angeles, “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, for people seeking Swedish-American co-operation within creative and innovative industries. For us it is equally important to build strong relations with our members as it is to actively search for new members that can expand and add value to our network. There will be plenty of events, both our own and external, that you will visit to connect with people of your and the Chamber’s interest.

As a Marketing Manager at SACC-LA you will work closely with the Board of Directors, who all are established within creative and innovative industries and know how to navigate in LA. This internship gives a unique opportunity to build a strong network at a high level, while learning how to step into a managing role with big responsibilities combined with effective teamwork.

To read more about the specific positions, please see the ads here.

If you have any questions you can contact us at and we will assist you as soon as possible.

MUNCHIES in Sweden

Photo credits: MUNCHIES

The online food channel called MUNCHIES has become a new way of presenting food shows. With their very young, hip way of taking on the challenges they have created a signature style of reporting and documentation. 

Just recently they made a big special on Swedish cuisine, showcasing everything from palt from the north to spettkaka in the south. They also dig deeper into what the New Nordic Cuisine wave across the country actually is all about. Check out the documentary (divided in five different episodes) through the links below.

The Munchies guide to Sweden: Göteborg
The Munchies guide to Sweden: Skåne
The Munchies guide to Sweden: Stockholm
The Munchies guide to Sweden: Umeå
The Munchies guide to Sweden: New Nordic Cuisine

14 Brilliant Outdoor Ads That Rocked
the Real World in 2014

Photo credit: AdWeek

In a day and age when everyone is talking digital and social media, it can actually be refreshing when someone highlights more classical marketing channels. AdWeek made a list a couple of months ago where they showed 14 different outdoor ads from 2014 that they thought where great. And amazingly enough (or maybe not?) three of them came from Swedish brands, showing off how innovative and clever Swedes actually turn out to be when it comes to marketing. 

Read article here

"14 Brilliant Outdoor Ads That Rocked the Real World in 2014"
Author: Tim Nudd


Filip Hammar in TV-series

Photo credits:

A few weeks ago we sent out a casting call for a role in a new ABC TV-series, starring Craig Ferguson, called "The King of 7B". And even if he might not have heard about it from us, we are happy to announce that Swedish media profile Filip Hammar got the part. We want to congratulate Filip and wish him the best of luck on his newly begun acting career. 

Filip is, besides from making popular TV-shows in Sweden, also topical due to his and co-star/best bud Fredrik Wikingsson's celebrated podcast. They had their podcast "The Filip & Fredrik Podcast" in Swedish for many years, but chose about six months ago to change it to English, giving them the opportunity to reach a much larger audience. If you can't wait to see the pilot of "The King of 7B" we recommend you to tune in on their highly entertaining podcast, either through your podcast app or their website here

We want to welcome our newest company member Globhe who are presenting the event "Standup for the Cure!"

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10 phrases you'll only hear at work in Sweden

Often we show you slight differences and oddities in the Swedish culture, and the work place is surely not any different. Here you can find 10 phrases that The Local listed that describes these oddities well. 

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Looking for something extra delicious to make for Easter? How about a few (or many!) lovely chocolaty truffles? These will surely be a hit and do not take too much of a time either!

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