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Gudrun Giddings

This week we welcome and highlight yet another fantastic new SACC-LA member, Susanne Karlsson and Scandinavian Kollektiv. Susanne is treating us to view her great LA store that is full of wonderful and different designs next Thursday May 28th, while we have the opportunity to mingle, enjoy drinks and appetizers.  Great to have Scandinavian Kollektiv in the heart of Los Angeles for all Angelinos to shop and to showcase Swedish Design. Make sure you RSVP on the invitation below and see you next Thursday! 

This is the closing weekend for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2015. Swedish actress, Ingrid Bergman is luminous on the official Cannes poster and lots of Swedish films are screened at Cannes this year, making it a busy festival for the Swedish Film Institute’s CEO Anna Serner, Pia Lundberg, Head of International for SFI and Jan Göransson, Head of SFI Press.  Scandinavian Film Locations also had its busiest year in Cannes and had a lovely Pavilion open daily that was also the location for a nice evening reception celebrating Stig Björkman’s “Ingrid Bergman – In her own words”. Guests was welcomed by Alice Bah Kuhnke, the Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy who attended this year’s Cannes to support all the talented Swedes.  More about Sweden’s presence in Cannes below and on SACC-LA's Facebook.

“Be yourself. The world worships the original.” – Ingrid Bergman

          Happy Friday !!

          Gudrun Giddings
          President of SACC-LA


You are invited!

We would like to invite you to the recently opened boutique, and one of our newest members, Scandinavian Kollektiv in West Hollywood. Susanne Karlsson, who you will find an interview with further down in this newsletter and will host a lovely evening at her store where you will enjoy drinks and appetizers. RSVP by clicking on the invitation below!

Strong Swedish presence at Cannes Film Festival


Not only is Ingrid Bergman adorning the official poster for this year’s film festival in Cannes, and not only does Stig Björkman’s Ingrid Bergman – In Her Own Words (Jag är Ingrid) have its world premiere at the festival. Magnus von Horn’s feature debut The Here After (Efterskalv) and David Sandberg’s 30-minute action comedy Kung Fury are both part of the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs/Directors’ Fortnight. Isabella Carbonell’s short film Boys (Pojkarna) has been selected to compete in La Semaine de la Critique/Critics’ Week.

Alice Bah Kuhnke, Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy together with Anna Serner, CEO of SFI.

Read more about Sweden in Cannes 2015 here

The Flag of Planet Earth


Photo credit: Oskar Pernefeldt/

The world has a flag! Or not officially, but a Swedish Graphic Design student Oskar Pernefeldt took on the task of creating what would and could be the human race's flag for when entering unidentified, alien places. The work put down is seriously impressive and has also gotten international media attention, with for instance The Daily Mail, The Washington Post and The Verge writing about it. What do you think? Should the world as a whole start considering this as the next step, or might it be a little too premature? Please check out the article from The Verge below!

"This is the flag we'll plant when we conquer an alien planet"
Written by: Jacob Kastrenakes

Bitcoin Trading on Stockholm Stock Exchange



Earlier this week the cyber-currency Bitcoin was announced on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, giving investors the opportunity to speculate on the value without actually buying the currency. As the currency has been very fluctuating during the years it has calmed down a bit, yet some experts still see it as betting, rather than trading. "You shouldn't put more money towards Bitcoin than you would bet on a horse race. You can win, but also lose everything," was a comment from Claes Hemberg, savings analyst at Avanza Bank to TT. If you want to learn more about this, have a look at ABC News' article describing the situation.

"Trading in Bitcoin made simpler through new exchange"

8 Swedish inventions that definitely have affected your daily life

Photo credit:

Ok, Sweden are behind musical greats such as ABBA, Ingrid Bergman, Avicii and many more. Sweden also has some prominent companies like IKEA, H&M and Spotify. Yet, even if you most likely have run into all of these different brands in some fashion, they probably haven't been of the same importance as some of the great swedish inventions! Many people, especially in Los Angeles, use number four on this list daily giving it a significant space in your life. And even though number eight on the list might not (hopefully!) be a big part of your day-to-day life, it sure has been of importance. Check out the list from Lisa Mach at Rootnotion.

"8 inventions your didn't know were Swedish"
Written by: Lisa Mach

Introducing Susanne Karlsson and Scandinavian Kollektiv


One of our latest members have just recently opened up shop in, what she would one day like to call, "Little Scandinavia". Here you can get to know Susanne Karlsson and her flagship store Scandinavian Kollektiv a bit better, and also find out why one of the newest clothing stores in West Hollywood is the place to drop by. And why not make sure to stop by during the opening, coming up next week on Thursday, May 28th for some drinks and lite bites. 


Check out the website and webshop here!

Can you tell us about yourself and why you moved to Los Angeles?

I am a knitwear designer and have been for many years. I moved from Sweden to New York City, and then to Los Angeles. I moved here with my husband who is an actor and my daughter Hanna who is also a designer with a line called Mor Dotter inspired by all the years of growing up in my previous store and being around creative energy at all times. I went into the wholesale business and have not had a retail boutique for 5 years. I found this location which I thought was a perfect size and it felt like a small house in the heart of Los Angeles. I needed to showcase my work and my daughter loved the idea too. My brother Peter makes hand hammered jewelry in silver and with the three of us it felt complete, like family. After 8 years in Manhattan, where I worked with Bill Cosby and other shows making them costume design, my husband planned our trip to move to Los Angeles to continue his acting career. We ended up staying and we had another daughter Viveka. 

Besides your own collections, you also want other brands and designers to take space in your boutique. What is your hope and desire with this concept?

I came to America with a dream and vision in sight and a bag full of hand knitted sweaters. It has been an amazing journey! I love and want the idea of small designers showcasing and being part of Scandinavian Kollektiv and for Los Angeles to discover them. I am travelling to Sweden this summer to explore and see if I can find artists who want to grow and showcase their designs.

Susanne Karlsson

What inspires you in your design?

I wake up every morning and love what I do. I have been knitting since I was 7 years old. My passion is endless I get inspired when people understand my vision and want to be part of my design journey. susannekarlsson is a black travel collection I created in a beautiful stretchy knit. To design a collection for a woman and understand her needs. That’s what inspires me.

You’ve talked about the area of your store as the future “Little Scandinavia”. How do you visualize it, and what would be significant for this area?

I visualize “Little Scandinavia” a warm and welcomed place full of creativity and unusual designs. Gatherings monthly featuring a new designer over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Maybe a casual knit-yourself event who knows. And to connect and inspire. This area on 3rd street has other Scandinavian stores that you can find unique and special products. In a very spread out Los Angeles, 3rd Street feels like a community and many cool places lurking around the corner.

If you only had one day left in Los Angeles, how would you spend it?

Being from Sweden I would probably spend it at the beach with my family.

We want to thank Susanne Karlsson for the interview and also hope to see you all at the event coming up on Thursday, May 28th next week! Don't forget to RSVP through the invitation earlier in the newsletter!

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