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Gudrun Giddings

Hej Alla,
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday last weekend.
SACC-LA had a wonderful time at last evening’s Film Festival Flix’ screening and the U.S. premiere of the Swedish award winning film,  â€œThe Reunion”. There was a great mix of Scandinavians and Americans who I believe were all impacted by Anna Odell’s strong message in this though provoking film. Everyone was treated to Swedish candy by Sockerbit and it was fun that so many members from both SACC-LA and SWEA-LA showed up and stayed to mingle after the film. 

This week’s membership spotlight is on Olsons' Deli and its new owner Christian Kneedler. Olsons was established 1948 and I would guess that most Scandinavians living in Los Angeles have probably been to the store and deli at some point, however I would highly recommend visiting again as the delicatessen have recently been remodeled and I believe the store has even more Scandinavian food and treats then it previously had to offer. A favorite for many is that one can now also stay for a while at Olsons, sit down and enjoy a nice Swedish “fika”.
"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" 
- Dr. Schuller


          Happy Friday !!

          Gudrun Giddings
          President of SACC-LA


"The Reunion" Screening Last Night

SACC-LA would like to thank Film Festival Flix for last nights great screening of Anna Odell's "The Reunion". The evening began with a reception at Michael Roud Photography Studio nearby with drinks and snacks. Later the large group of people moved on to the screening at Laemmle NOHO 7 where we all saw the film and had a highly appreciated Q&A with Anna Odell and co-actress Sanna Krepper. The film is made in two parts, based on Anna Odell's own life as a bullied child. When Anna, in real life, found

out that she had not been invited to her own class reunion she decided upon the setting of the film. "The Reunion" is a two part film with the first one being a hypothetical scenario of if Anna had been invited and had gone to the reunion party. While pushing the boundaries in this scenario she later, in the second part of the film, shows reenactments of how the actual classmates react to seeing her hypothetical scenario. It was great to hear from Anna speaking about her film, since it really has so much of her in it. She has not just written and directed the film, but also plays herself, the lead actress. Although, her preferred role was as director.

Making this movie, did you learn things about the subject of bullying?
I think I learned a lot during research from reading articles from experts. But when I met 

with my former classmates I got to see how afraid they were while talking. When researching and speaking to people who had bullied and asking them about what their reaction had been if someone did what I have done to them, almost everyone said that it would have been the best thing. They really wanted to say that they were sorry. The people who had understood and come to sense with what they had done, were more likely to respond well to it, while for someone not having processed the thought of them actually being a part of any kind of bullying it was a much worse experience. 

Will you continue making movies? 
Yes, I really liked it, you can do so much more. As an artist you do so much by yourself, but with a team you don't always have to be the expert yourself and you can rely on others.

It is Anna's first time in the U.S. and after spending a few days in L.A. doing some work with the film she will go down to San Diego and later up to Denver for two more screenings of the film. "The Reunion" will also be shown in New York, Chicago and many other places. Even if she said she was a bit nervous for showing it to an American crowd, after the great reception it got in L.A. she must feel a bit more comfortable now. 

Photo credits: Carina Rosanna Tautu

The Comedians 

Yesterday, Thursday April 9th the new FX TV-series "The Comedians" had its premiere. The series is based on the Swedish SVT series "Ulveson & Herngren" and also has Swedish producer Henrik Bastin on it, who has produced TV-series "Bosch" and Swedish hit-series including many of Filip & Fredrik's shows. "The Comedians" features Billy Crystal and Josh Gad who play fictional characters of themselves. We'll see if the show takes off, but the New York Post was raving about a great comeback of Billy Crystal as he does TV for the first time in 30 years. Read the review below!

Internet speed and what we Googled 2014


Perhaps you think your internet is far too slow. Well, the possibility to upgrade to a faster package is probably available. Otherwise you can always move to South Korea where they have the fastest internet in the world. Or if you by chance already live in Sweden you should also be pretty set as they make it into the top five! And apparently Swedes used this high-speed internet to search for some trendy food. Can you guess what it was? Have a look at the article from Mashable.

"5 fastest Internet speeds by country"
Written by: IINET

Castle-hopping with Nordstjernen


Photo: Jeppe Wikström / Stockholm Visitors Board

The website has recently been making a series of articles about when photojournalist Bo Zaunders visited castles in Scandinavia to see a variety of glimpses of history and art. In his third and final part he visits Stockholm to see what the beautiful "Capital of Scandinavia" has to offer.

Castle Hopping in Stockholm
Written by: Bo Zaunders

Newport Beach Film Festival

The Swedish contribution at Newport Beach Film Festival 2015:


Blowfly Park

The 16th annual Newport Beach Film Festival will be April 23rd - 30th with many different films showing. This years Swedish contribution is Blowfly Park, with a screening on Tuesday, April 28th. Make sure to get a ticket through the website!

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Blowfly Park
Newport Film Festival

Olson's Deli has been around for many decades in L.A., and just a few years ago it got a new owner in Christian Kneedler. We had the opportunity to have a talk with him about the shop and why he so dearly wants you to stop by it.

Tell us about yourself, Christian. When and why did you come to L.A.?
I came in 1984, my grandparents where living here and they invited me to come and stay and so I did... a little longer than planned. It was supposed to be for a year, although I've been back to Sweden many times and at one point I almost moved back. 

How did you end up running Olsons Scandinavian Delikatessen?
I had been going to Olsons since the 80's I think, then a couple of years ago Bertil mentioned he was trying to sell so he could retire before he turned 90 years young. So I made him an offer he couldn't refuse and bought the place.

If you were to describe your vision for Olsons, how would you do that?
My vision for Olsons is to be able to have private dinners and to have more locations with more to offer as far as dining and products.

How would you describe your clientele? Is it mainly Scandinavians with abstinence or do you get to show non-Scandinavians the joys and pleasures of the food?

We of course get a lot of Scandinavians and also a lot of neighborhood office's and residents. I try to promote the Scandinavian dishes that I think the American pallet would enjoy, while after being here for a while I believe I know fairly well.

Recommend us one thing that you cannot miss if you stop by the deli.
Skagen, for sure.

If you only had one last afternoon in L.A., and you couldn't spent the entire time at Olsons, what would you do?
Take my motorcycle to Mullholland Hwy have lunch at the "Old Place" in Cornell then down to Santa Monica for a massage  and sauna of Burke-Williams.

Remember to stop by Olsons Deli on Pico Boulevard!


Open Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm  Closed Mondays
5660 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90019
Telephone: 323 938 0742

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Coachella Online

Did you not get tickets to Coachella this weekend? - Don’t worry! You will find stream schedules and set times for this weekend on Coachella's YouTube channel.

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Outdoor season in Sweden

When hearing from people back in Sweden it seems as though the spring has arrived in many places. It might not reach the same levels of heat as in Southern California, but Swedes will take every chance they can to go outside. wrote an article of how you can in the best way spend some time in nature. 

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