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Gudrun Giddings

Hej Alla,
Who do you think will be awarded the prestigious Eliason Merit Award 2015? Early next week you’ll find out when we announce this most amazing winner and also release the tickets for both the VIP party and rocking after party, taking place at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in the heart of Hollywood on Saturday, December 5th. As most of you know, we have completely sold out our big award show tickets in previous few years and I promise you, this year will be no exception so make sure you get your tickets early and do stay tuned for our exciting announcement and press release next week. We are all anticipating our grandest and most glamorous event of the year and cannot wait to share this spectacular evening with you !!  
Also, we are so proud of our many talented and fabulous SACC-LA members, in this week’s Membership Spotlight you can read more about Roclord Studio. Kendall Roclord, photographer and also the owner of Roclord studio attends many of our events together with his family, you can read more about him and also visit the studio’s website to get inspired by some fantastic photos and portraits. 
“Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.”   - Hafiz 

          Happy Friday !!

          Gudrun Giddings
          President of SACC-LA


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The Swedish Hat Maker - Horisaki

Photo Credit: Jonas Lindström

Ever wondered where Lady Gaga gets her unique hats, or where that cool hat Don Johnsso wears in ABC's Blood & Oil comes from? The answer can be find on a farm in SmÃ¥land, Sweden. Far from the big cities, Mr. and Mrs. Horisaki have created a concept of hats that is modern yet vintage feeling and this appeals some of the best stores in the fashion capitals of the world as well as Hollywood celebrities. Three years ago they were unknown and had a small line up of eight hats, today they can be found in 16 different countries and 34 different stores. Well done, Horisakis! 

Read more and check out their website here


Sweden, The World's First Non-Cash Society?

Photo Credit: Riksbanken

Swedes like to think that they are in the forefront when it comes to a lot of things, especially tech-related matters. A report from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm shows that by 2030, Sweden can become the modern world's first cashless society. Most conclusions are drawn by looking at the declining usage of cash during the latest years. Since 2009, the amount of cash in circulation has dropped roughly 25 percent. According to Swedens central bank, there is most likely less than $500 cash per swede in usage today. SACC-LA’s advice of the week, start a tech company that handles non-cash payments.


SACC-LA Raffle - Win Concert Tickets to "Movits"

Photo Credit: Joakim Wijk

On November 18th, the Swedish band Movits are taking the stage at The Satellite in Los Angeles as a part of their U.S. tour! You now have the opportunity to win two tickets to their show by liking & sharing this facebook post before Saturday 5pm! We'll announce two lucky winners on Sunday whom will each get a pair of tickets. Good luck! 


Should We Really Expect El Niño This Year?

Photo Credit: Jesse Gardner

We constantly hear news reporters talking about El Niño coming up in December, but what should we really expect? According to LA Weekly, it’s far from a sure thing. The Pacific warm-water phenomenon that has created the wet weather, which can cause an El Niño, has been simmering for months, and nobody can predict with certainty where these jet streams will aim this winter.

To find out more about how big the certainty is for El Niño catching us this winter, click here.

Swedish Marcus Kowal Enters the Ring on November 28th

Professional MMA fighter and SACC-LA board member Marcus Kowal is one of the first Swedes to ever compete in both MMA and boxing professionally. He is also the first Swede to ever fight for Strikeforce (today a part of the UFC). Call the number on the flyer to get your tickets to watch his next big fight at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel on Saturday, November 28th.


Mall of Scandinavia Opens Its Doors

Photo Courtesy of Mall of Scandinavia

On Thursday, Mall of Scandinavia opened its doors to the public after being in construction for almost four years. Located in Arenastaden in Solna, just outside of downtown Stockholm, Mall of Scandinavia will be the largest mall in Sweden with an expected annual revenue of 4 billion SEK and thereby surpassing Täby Centrum with annual revenue of 3.4 billion SEK. The mall will feature the major retail chains, pop-up spaces for upcoming fashion designers as well as Sweden's first IMAX movie theatre. 

For more information about Mall of Scandinavia, visit their website.

Jimmy Fallon Shoots Pies at Henrik Lundqvist

Earlier this week, New York Rangers' goalie Henrik Lundqvist paid a visit to late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon. For his appearance, Henrik dressed down from his goalie equipment into the fashion icon he is and tried to stop as many pies (that's right, pies) from Jimmy Fallon as he could. How many did he save? Click on the video to find out. 

Jonas Eriksson, One of the World's Top Soccer Referees

Photo Credit: TT

Swedish soccer referee, Jonas Eriksson, 41, leads the list of referees appointed for the 2015 FIFA Club World Cup. Taking place in Osaka and Yokohama (Japan) in the month of December, this global club tournament will decide what team to succeed Real Madrid as champions. Eriksson is a highly regarded referee with experience from both the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship as well as the 2015 Champions League where he officiated the final game between FC Barcelona and Juventus F.C.

Read More

“Don't let the time slip away. They're only going to be this age for a very short time,” says Kendall Roclord, photographer and owner of Roclord Studio Photography, located in Pasadena's Historic Theater District. His children, both Swedish citizens, attended Svenska Skolan in Santa Monica for years. 

Today's families are very active and have busy schedules. Many people make the mistake of delaying having professional photography created for their family. They end up missing important stages of their children's growth. “I've had clients call me when their kids are coming home from college on spring break,” laughs Roclord. “They've put off having portraits taken literally their kids' whole lives! They realize if they don't do it now, the kids may move away and they'll never get another chance!”

It is surprisingly common for overwhelmed parents to miss the first two years of their baby's life, when it comes to high-quality photography. “That's really kind of a shame,” says Roclord. “During those first two or three years your baby changes rapidly from cute to cuter to unbelievably adorable! If you miss that, it's gone and never coming back!”

It's super important to snap a lot of shots with your phone. “Personally, I take at least 20 iPhone shots everyday wherever I am,” says Kendall. Not only is the quality really good now but the phone also tells you exactly where you were and the date and time when the shot was taken which is really important when you're going through the images later on. When your kids are little you should be taking at least 50 shots a day with your iPhone. But, as cute as some of those images are, they're no substitute for professionally created photographs for your wall. At Roclord Studio you will not see the traditional family shots with everyone wearing matching outfits, lined up in a row with forced smiles on their faces. “I never tell anyone to smile,” says Kendall. “It's my job to worry about how you look, not yours! Your job is to stay connected to how you feel and just relax and have fun!”


Roclord Studio

28 South Oakland Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91101

(626) 796-4884


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