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Peter Guyakazukiing Mark (UKGB Karate Team)     The people on the podium this summer won't necessarily be the most naturally talented, but rather the most applied. I guarantee that there will not be anyone wearing a gold medal in the Olympic village who doesn't have a first class coach and highly developed resilience.

Hence, UK plc's investment in coaching for young athletes to support its aspirations for a record gold medal haul. So why do we expect managers of projects to develop and achieve the highest levels in the profession without the benefit of coaching?
Andrew Bragg, CEO of APM
'The age of the gifted amateur is over'
Andrew Bragg, CEO of the Association for Project Management
As fans of best selling author Malcolm Gladwell will know, the 'Ten thousand hours' rule to achieve mastery through reflective practice and coaching applies to all skills and professions.  (It is the level required for chartership of most professions, for example). For project management, beyond the basic knowledge qualifications, attainment of higher levels of certification on the international scale (IPMA), including the UK's Registered Project Professional (RPP), require development and assessment of relevant competences. So where is your professional development plan, and who will be your coach?

'Peter has been working with me as a coach over the last year with amazing results. He goes beyond what is expected and I truly believe my business would not be where it is today without his help'
Lorraine Calcott, MD of It Does Lighting
I am currently working with several blue chip organisations, and individuals, in the UK and abroad to take them to the next level. Contact me when you want to learn more.
Resilience: the ability to bounce back     And that brings us on to Resilience. A high Resilience Quotient not only helps us to weather tough times and manage stress, it can also be directly correlated to senior management potential.  

We all have it to an extent, but it can be developed to an Olympic standard. My talks on the topic are proving extremely popular, especially since the People SIG announced that Resilience would be their theme for this year.
New dates are being announced, and you can download slides from the talk from the website.  
(You may remember that the BCS’s monthly magazine ‘IT Now’ ran a feature article on the same topic in their December issue which was an extract from my book. If you missed the feature you can get it as a download from our website).  
We also have a new book in draft - 'Resilience: the power to bounce back', covering techniques for building resilience, managing stress and promoting corporate and personal wellbeing. Register you interest on the website.

'Peter's talk on resilience and stress management resonated to a defeaning level'
David Anderson, Senior PM at Rider Levett Bucknall


Peter with Mark Butler,senior program manager, Virgin Galactic

Who says that PM isn't rocket science? At APM's annual conference in London in June we had presentations from NASA, Virgin Galactic and the rocket powered Bloodhound. Not quite rocket science, but after presenting in Zurich in June I was asked if I would like to present on NLP4PM to the scientists at CERN - you betcha!


World view from Canada

Our next quarter will see us delivering NLP4PM training and coaching in the Americas, including our first NLP4PM course in Canada for the rail sector. Please get in touch if you will be in Canada in September.

Peter Parkes
MD Peak Performance
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